Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 76

Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 76 Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 76
Grade: none
A mid-grade mineral that has been petrified by a creature's physical or magical damage. Key component used in weapon Augmentation by characters level 76 and above.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 96000
Material liquid
Old Aristocrat's Soldier7821/1805
Ritual Sacrifice7821/4608
Zombie Worker7821/8333
* Resurrected Temple Knight7821/9709
Queen Shyeed80111.2%
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/234
Assassin of Empire7811/394
Messenger Invader Martyrs8011/427
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/464
* Triol's High Priest7811/1062
Guardian Scarab7811/1160
* Beholder of Light7811/1582
Seer of Blood8211/1862
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/1965
* Grazing Elder Antelope7811/2058
* Ashuras7811/2058
* Disciples of Authority7611/2151
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/2463
* Ketra Orc Scout7811/2611
* Ketra Orc Medium7811/2681
Lilim Court Knight8011/3067
Pilgrim of Light7811/3125
* Grazing Windsus7811/3125
Divine Advocate7811/3145
Triol's Believer7811/3185
* Tomb Preacher7711/3390
Solina Brother7811/3460
* Assassin Beetle8011/3610
Executor of Sacrificial Offerings8011/3623
* Scarlet Stakato Noble7911/3650
Solina Lay Brother7811/4016
Lilim Great Mystic7811/4082
* Ketra Orc Elite Soldier7811/4274
Nephilim Commander8011/4329
* Messenger Invader Archer8011/4367
* Varka Silenos Shaman7811/4386
* Varka Silenos Seer7811/4444
* Ketra Orc Raider7811/4878
* Ketra's Head Shaman7811/4902
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/5000
* Ketra Orc General7811/5525
* Varka's Prophet7811/5618
* Ketra Orc Grand Seer7811/5814
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/5848
* Abraxion7811/5952
* Varka Silenos Magus7811/5988
Silent Seeker7811/6061
Monastic Pilgrim7811/6135
Ritual Sacrifice7811/6369
* Hasturan7811/6369
* Varka Silenos General7811/6579
* Ketra's War Hound7711/6757
Leader of Offering8011/7194
* Lesser Ancient Shaman7611/7299
* Lesser Ancient Warrior8011/7519
* Scarlet Stakato Soldier7811/7519
* Scarlet Stakato Noble7811/7874
* Grazing Antelope7711/8929
Ketra's Head Guard7811/9804
* Varka Silenos Warrior7811/10204
* Varka Silenos Hunter7811/10638
* Ashkenas7811/10753
* Varka Silenos Priest7811/11111
* Varka Silenos Medium7811/11111
* Varka Silenos Footman7711/11111
* Varka Silenos Recruit7711/11628
Nephilim Cardinal7811/12658
* Varka Silenos Great Magus7811/14085
* Varka's Head Magus7811/14493
Varka's Head Guard7811/14493
* Ketra Orc Warrior7811/15385
* Varka Silenos Officer7811/15873
Varka's Elite Guard7811/16129
* Varka Silenos Great Seer7811/16667
* Varka Silenos Scout7811/17857
* Monastic Crusader7811/18868
* Guardian Spirit of Ancient Holy Ground7911/20408
* Abraxion7811/29412
* Varka's Commander7811/33333
* Triol's Layperson7811/47619

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