Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 67

Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 67 Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 67
Grade: none
A mid-grade mineral that has been petrified by a creature's physical or magical damage. Key component used in weapon Augmentation by characters level 67 and above.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 72000
Material liquid
Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7011/685
* Guardian Angel7211/2092
* Platinum Tribe Overlord7111/2398
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7011/2500
* Platinum Guardian Archer7111/2688
* Bloody Liviona7211/2865
Sepulcher Guard7011/3155
* Limal Karinness6911/3185
* Bloody Sniper7111/3279
* Platinum Tribe Archer6811/3597
* Purgatory Liviona7111/3876
* Sepulcher Preacher7211/4049
* Sepulcher Sage6711/4184
* Canyon Bandersnatch Slave7111/4329
Nephilim Praetorian7211/4444
Bone Collector6711/4587
* Canyon Bandersnatch7011/4587
* Skull Animator6811/5435
* Malruk Berserker6711/5952
* Devil Bat6811/6024
* Bone Slayer6811/8065
* Tomb Sage6711/8130
* Messenger Angel7011/8130
Bone Caster7111/8333
* Platinum Guardian Warrior7211/8475
* Malruk Lord6811/8547
Conjurer Bat7011/8547
Requiem Behemoth7011/8621
Marsh Predator6911/9804
* Hallate's Guardian6911/10638
Lilim Knight Banneret7211/10753
* Skull Collector6711/11628
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7011/11628
Dark Omen Invader Priest7011/12195
* Purgatory Gargoyle6811/12987
* Alpen Grendel6811/14493
Lilim Soldier6911/14925
* Grendel7111/15385
* Bone Grinder7011/16129
* Bandersnatch6911/17241
Nephilim Archbishop6911/18519
* Hallate's Commander6711/20000
Glow Wisp6711/22727
Fang of Splendor6711/25641
* Hell Keeper Crimson Doll6711/25641
Canyon Antelope6811/27778
* Bandersnatch6911/33333
Hames Orc Scout6811/34483
* Raider of Pastureland6811/37037
Wailing of Splendor6711/43478
Wailing of Splendor6711/45455

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