Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 52

Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 52 Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 52
Grade: none
A mid-grade mineral that has been petrified by a creature's physical or magical damage. Key component used in weapon Augmentation by characters level 52 and above.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 28800
Material liquid
* Spelunking Ant5021/12987
* Horrifying Excavator Golem III5121/28571
Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5011/299
Purgatory Invader Soldier5011/417
* Bloodthirsty Ginzu Golem II5211/590
Purgatory Invader Priest5011/646
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5011/1600
* Death Knight5011/1724
* Horrifying Jackhammer Golem5211/1805
* Garden Guard Leader5011/2326
Lilim Magus5111/3086
Crypt Archon5011/3344
* Crypt Inquisitor5211/3676
* Harit Lizardman Archer5211/3731
* Tanor Silenos Chieftain5011/3846
* Liele Elder5211/4237
Nephilim Priest5111/4386
Epic Cannon Golem Adjunct5211/5882
* Decayed Ancient Knight5011/6211
* Spiteful Ghost of Ruins5011/6452
Taik Orc Supply5111/6667
* Sepulcher Inquisitor5211/6711
Hunter Gargoyle5211/8929
Fline Elder5111/9091
Royal Cave Servant5111/10638
* Ol Mahum Transcender5811/13889
Tarlk Basilisk5011/14085
* Headless Knight5011/14286
Harit Lizardman5011/16949
Harit Lizardman Grunt5111/18868
* Deprive5011/20000
* Elder Tarlk Basilisk5111/23810
Taik Orc Seeker5211/47619

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