Life Stone: level 76

Life Stone: level 76 Life Stone: level 76
Grade: none
An ordinary mineral that has been petrified by a creature's physical or magical damage. Key component used in weapon Augmentation by characters level 76 and above.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 24000
Material liquid
Queen Shyeed80123.3%
* Temple Guard Captain7811/112
Ritual Sacrifice7811/257
* Triol's Priest7811/291
* Ketra Commander7811/671
* Triol's Believer7811/691
* Varka's Prophet7811/1406
* Varka Silenos Magus7811/1709
Old Aristocrat's Soldier7811/1805
Triol's Believer7811/1842
* Ketra Prophet7811/2045
* Varka Silenos General7811/2193
* Varka Silenos Seer7811/2222
* Varka Silenos Officer7811/2268
* Varka Silenos Great Magus7811/2347
* Ketra Orc Raider7811/2439
* Ketra's Head Shaman7811/2451
* Ketra Orc Scout7811/2611
* Ketra Orc White Captain7811/2653
* Ketra Orc Medium7811/2681
* Triol's Layperson7811/2747
* Resurrected Temple Knight7811/2762
Varka's Elite Guard7811/2933
* Varka's Commander7811/2941
Ritual Sacrifice7811/3077
* Varka Silenos Great Seer7811/3311
* Ketra's War Hound7711/3367
* Varka Silenos Recruit7711/3891
Ritual Sacrifice7811/4000
* Ketra Orc Shaman7811/4032
Forgotten Victim7811/4049
Ketra Elite Guard7811/4065
* Ketra Orc Elite Soldier7811/4274
* Varka Silenos Footman7711/4329
* Varka Silenos Warrior7811/4630
* Varka Silenos Hunter7811/5348
* Ketra Orc General7811/5525
* Varka Silenos Medium7811/5525
* Varka Silenos Priest7811/5556
* Varka's Head Magus7811/7246
* Ketra Orc Lieutenant7811/7519
* Ketra Orc Warrior7811/7752
Zombie Worker7811/8333
* Varka Silenos Scout7811/8929
Varka's Head Guard7811/9709
Ketra's Head Guard7811/9804
* Varka Silenos Shaman7811/10989

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