Elixir of Life (S-Grade)

Elixir of Life (S-Grade) Elixir of Life (S-Grade)
Grade: s
Regenerates HP. This item can only be used by a character whose level is 76 or higher. Re-use delay is 5 minutes.
Type potion Consume type stackable
Weight 5
Price 15000
Material liquid

x10Recipe: Elixir of Life (S-Grade) (100%)Recipe: Elixir of Life (S-Grade) (100%)
* Tyrannosaurus80135%
* Tyrannosaurus8014.5%
* Deinonychus8013.5%
* Tyrannosaurus8013.3%
* Velociraptor8012.6%
* Pterosaur8011.7%
* Ornithomimus8011%
* Deinonychus8011/127
* Velociraptor8011/134
* Ornithomimus8011/146
* Deinonychus8011/150
* Ornithomimus8011/158
* Ornithomimus8011/170
* Deinonychus8011/177
* Deinonychus8011/179
* Velociraptor8011/297
* Velociraptor8011/313
* Velociraptor8011/483

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