Doom Crusher Head

Doom Crusher Head Doom Crusher Head
Grade: none
The essential ingredient needed to make a Red Doom Crusher. It can be sold at a regular store.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 72929
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x14Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)
x14Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)

* Messenger Invader Warrior8011/467
* Ashuras7811/646
* Ashuras7811/678
* Triol's High Priest7811/745
* Tepra Scarab7811/1094
* Ketra Orc Grand Seer7811/1122
* Ornithomimus8011/1264
* Ornithomimus8011/1364
* Grazing Buffalo7811/1462
* Grazing Windsus7811/1608
Assassin of Empire7811/1653
* Ketra Orc Lieutenant7811/1684
* Lavasillisk7811/1980
* Ornithomimus8011/5405
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/20000

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