Infernal Master Blade

Infernal Master Blade Infernal Master Blade
Grade: none
A vital material used by Dwarves to make an Infernal Master. Available at any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 58615
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x13Recipe: Infernal Master (60%)Recipe: Infernal Master (60%)
x13Recipe: Infernal Master (100%)Recipe: Infernal Master (100%)

Cannibalistic Stakato Leader7511.4%
* Spiked Stakato Soldier7611/236
* Disciples of Authority7611/319
* Cannibalistic Stakato Leader7511/593
* Ketra Orc Raider7811/600
* Elder Homunculus7511/614
* Spiked Stakato Sorcerer7511/827
* Eye of Watchman7311/829
* Buffalo Slave7211/898
* Canyon Antelope Slave6911/1170
Canyon Antelope6811/1250
* Ketra Orc Footman7711/1259
Vampire Wizard7311/1686
Requiem Behemoth7011/2203
Vampire Wizard7311/2299
* Grendel7111/3650
* Grendel7111/3650
* Grendel7111/3650
* Bandersnatch6911/4854
* Bandersnatch6911/4854
* Bandersnatch6911/4854
* Grendel7111/6993
* Bandersnatch6911/12821

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