Deluxe Chest Key - Grade 4

Deluxe Chest Key - Grade 4 Deluxe Chest Key - Grade 4
Grade: none
Opens a level 40~49 treasure chest with a success rate of 100%. When opening a higher level treasure chest, the success rate will decrease. However, the success rate will be the same for receiving an item as a reward.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 10
Price 560
Material steel
Dailaon Lad4216.5%
* Nos Lad4516.4%
Timak Orc Warrior4314.4%
* Unpleasant Humming4613.8%
Dimension Invader Food4013.5%
* Mardian4213.3%
* Perum4813.3%
* Theeder Piker4813.1%
* Catherok4213%
Vanor Silenos Warrior4812.7%
* Unpleasant Humming4612.7%
Cave Servant Warrior4812.6%
* Blade Stakato Warrior4312.5%
* Trisalim Tarantula4612.4%
* Taik Orc Warrior4212.3%
* Kronbe Spider4312.3%
* Forest of Mirrors Ghost4712.2%
* Tarlk Bugbear Warrior4812.2%
* Dire Wyrm4212.2%
* Unpleasant Humming4612%
Hatar Ratman Thief4712%
* Leto Lizardman Soldier3711.8%

* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier43[4-12]83.6%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier40[4-12]72.5%

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