Green Seal Stone

Green Seal Stone Green Seal Stone
Grade: none
A fragment of an ancient seal. Collect them all to break the seal. Valued at 5 Ancient Adena.
Type none Consume type asset
Weight 0
Price 5
Material gold
Nephilim Commander80[805-1610]70%
Lilim Court Knight80[805-1610]70%
Nephilim Royal Guard75[700-1400]70%
Lilim Slayer75[700-1400]70%
Nephilim Praetorian72[687-1380]70%
Lilim Knight Banneret72[687-1380]70%
Nephilim Cardinal78[666-1336]70%
Lilim Great Mystic78[612-1227]70%
Nephilim Scout66[578-1160]70%
Lilim Assassin66[578-1160]70%
Nephilim Centurion63[574-1144]70%
Lilim Knight63[574-1144]70%
Nephilim Archbishop69[557-1114]70%
Lilim Soldier69[512-1023]70%
Nephilim Bishop60[452-904]70%
Lilim Priest60[415-830]70%
Lilim Marauder57[391-782]70%
Nephilim Guard57[391-782]70%
Lilim Knight Errant54[314-633]70%
Nephilim Swordsman54[314-633]70%
Nephilim Sentinel48[268-532]70%
Lilim Butcher48[268-532]70%
Nephilim Priest51[238-476]70%
Lilim Magus51[219-437]70%
Gigant Commander45[211-425]70%
Lith Commander45[211-425]70%
Gigant Confessor42[137-274]70%
Lith Shaman42[137-274]70%
Gigant Raider39[105-206]70%
Lith Patrolman39[105-206]70%
Gigant Officer36[68-136]70%
Lith Overlord36[68-136]70%
Gigant Cleric33[33-63]70%
Lith Medium33[33-63]70%

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