Sealed Majestic Ring Gemstone

Sealed Majestic Ring Gemstone Sealed Majestic Ring Gemstone
Grade: none
An essential ingredient needed by a Dwarf to make a Sealed Majestic Ring. It can be sold at any store.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 6143
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x14Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(70%)
x14Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(100%)

Water Dragon Seer Sheshark72[308-924]5.7%
Icicle Emperor Bumbalump74[280-840]3.5%
Beast Lord Behemoth70[28-84]27.6%
Spirit of Andras, the Betrayer69[28-84]17.8%
* Pterosaur8017.1%
* Beholder of Light7813.4%
* Ashuras of Destruction7813.3%
* Triol's Priest7812.8%
* Spiked Stakato Nurse7912.7%
* Triol's Believer7812.6%
* Triol's Believer7812.6%
Guardian Scarab7812.1%
* Arimanes of Destruction7812.1%
Spiked Stakato Nurse7911.9%
Solina Brother7811.8%
* Triol's Priest7811.8%
Guardian Scarab7811.7%
Ritual Sacrifice7811.7%
* Triol's Priest7811.7%
* Messenger Invader Shaman8011.6%
* Guardian Spirit of Ancient Holy Ground7911.6%
* Ketra Orc Seer7811.6%
* Messenger Invader Magus8011.4%
Ritual Sacrifice7811/104
Ritual Offering7811/128
Messenger Invader Food8011/191

Monastic Pilgrim78[1-2]12.5%
* Soldier Scarab78146%
* Arimanes of Destruction80140.9%
* Soldier Scarab78140.3%
* Messenger Invader Soldier80126.1%
Ketra Elite Guard78125.4%
* Hot Springs Atrox76122.3%
* Monastic Crusader7812.5%

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