Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%)

  Name Level Quan MP Success% Price
Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%) Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%) 8 1 201 70 52000
Creates: Sealed Majestic Necklace
For Dwarves only. The recipe for the Sealed Majestic Necklace. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 8. The success rate is 70%.
Type recipe Consume type stackable
Weight 30
Price 52000
Material liquid
1xRecipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%)
14xSealed Majestic Necklace BeadsSealed Majestic Necklace Beads
1xMaestro MoldMaestro Mold
100xMetallic FiberMetallic Fiber
60xVarnish of PurityVarnish of Purity
17xCrystal: A-GradeCrystal: A-Grade
6xGemstone AGemstone A

* Alpen Buffalo6711/1116
* Bone Slayer6811/1276
* Signet of Splendor6611/1984
Requiem Behemoth6711/2381
Heathen Archer6711/10753

Dark Omen Invader Disciple7312.5%
* Hot Springs Bandersnatchling7312.3%
Dark Omen Invader Martyrs7012.2%
* Bone Puppeteer7111.5%
* Atrox6911.4%
* Devil Bat6811.3%
Alpen Cougar6911.1%
* Devil Bat6811/105

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