Greater Magic Haste Potion

Greater Magic Haste Potion Greater Magic Haste Potion
Grade: none
Enhances Casting Spd. Acumen Effect 3.
Type potion Consume type stackable
Weight 20
Price 7200
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Greater Magic Haste Potion (100%)Recipe: Greater Magic Haste Potion (100%)
Dread Panther4311.8%
Elemental of Spark4311.8%
Kelbar's Wizard4311.8%
Timak Orc Ranger4311.8%
Spirit of Sea of Spores4311.8%
Panathen's Knight4211.7%
Cletu's Retainer4111.6%
Talkin's Bodyguard3911.5%
Teruk's Knight3911.5%
Spirit of Gildor3911.5%
Fanatic Soldier3911.5%
Guard of Gwindorr3911.5%
Ateka's Grunt3911.5%
Icarus Sample 33911.5%
Sika's Fighter3911.5%
Cat Gang3811.4%
* Bloody Sniper7111.3%
Hellion's Guards3711.3%
Malignant Spirit of the Execution Grounds3511.2%
Sebek's Fanatic3511.2%
* Lesser Ancient Scout7411.2%
Soul Strainer3411.1%
Remmel's Guard3411.1%
Whip of Shadar3411.1%
Sirocco's Guards3411.1%
Helena's Soldier3411.1%
Red Eye Guards3411.1%
Page of Watchman3411.1%
Nakondas' Chain3911.1%
Jeruna's Guard Captain3311.1%
Servant of Calibus3311.1%
Mumu's Wizard3311.1%
Pastu's Silhouette3311.1%
Nephilim Centurion6311.1%
Vuku Shaman3211%
Kylon's Pirate3211%
Retainer of Skyla3111/105
* Hallate's Commander6711/116
Giant Wasteland Basilisk2911/116
Turek Mercenary Archer2911/116
Meana's Maid2911/116
Renoa's Elpy2811/122
Tirak's Guard2711/128
Lesser Giant Soldier6211/132
Crypt Guardian6011/139
Valac's Guardian Spirit6911/146
Gigant Commander4511/155
* Grave Monk3711/178
Lith Shaman4211/187
Dimension Invader Priest4011/246
* Judge of Marsh6511/291
Nonexistent Man7811/299
* Grandis4011/481
Malruk Succubus Turen5611/539
Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3511/3135

* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier40113.5%
Dimension Invader Soldier4017.3%
Dimension Invader Martyrs4015.9%
* Cave Ant Soldier3814.2%
Tasaba Lizardman Shaman3711.5%
Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4011.5%
* Bandit Inspector3711/200
* Bandit Captain4011/200

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