Warsmith's Holder

Warsmith's Holder Warsmith's Holder
Grade: none
Material used by a Dwarf to make an item. It can be sold at a regular store.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 884000
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Warsmith's Holder(100%)Recipe: Warsmith's Holder(100%)

Used in Recipes:
x2Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)
x2Recipe: Elysian(100%)Recipe: Elysian(100%)
x2Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)
x2Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)
x2Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)
x2Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)
x3Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)
x3Recipe: Halberd(100%)Recipe: Halberd(100%)
x2Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(100%)Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(100%)
x2Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)
x4Recipe: Forgotten Blade (60%)Recipe: Forgotten Blade (60%)
x8Recipe: Forgotten Blade (100%)Recipe: Forgotten Blade (100%)
x4Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (60%)Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (60%)
x8Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (100%)Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (100%)
x4Recipe: Imperial Staff (60%)Recipe: Imperial Staff (60%)
x8Recipe: Imperial Staff(100%)Recipe: Imperial Staff(100%)
x4Recipe: Angel Slayer (60%)Recipe: Angel Slayer (60%)
x8Recipe: Angel Slayer (100%)Recipe: Angel Slayer (100%)
x4Recipe: Shining Bow (60%)Recipe: Shining Bow (60%)
x8Recipe: Shining Bow (100%)Recipe: Shining Bow (100%)
x4Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (60%)Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (60%)
x8Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (100%)Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (100%)
x4Recipe: Saint Spear (60%)Recipe: Saint Spear (60%)
x8Recipe: Saint Spear (100%)Recipe: Saint Spear (100%)
x4Recipe: Demon Splinter (60%)Recipe: Demon Splinter (60%)
x8Recipe: Demon Splinter (100%)Recipe: Demon Splinter (100%)
x4Recipe: Heavens Divider (60%)Recipe: Heavens Divider (60%)
x8Recipe: Heavens Divider (100%)Recipe: Heavens Divider (100%)
x4Recipe: Arcana Mace (60%)Recipe: Arcana Mace (60%)
x8Recipe: Arcana Mace (100%)Recipe: Arcana Mace (100%)
x4Recipe: Draconic Bow (60%)Recipe: Draconic Bow (60%)
x8Recipe: Draconic Bow (100%)Recipe: Draconic Bow (100%)
x2Recipe: Spiritual Eye (100%)Recipe: Spiritual Eye (100%)
x2Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (100%)Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (100%)
x3Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)
x3Recipe: Destroyer Hammer (100%)Recipe: Destroyer Hammer (100%)
x2Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (100%)Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (100%)
x3Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (100%)Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (100%)
x3Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (100%)Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (100%)
x2Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (100%)Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (100%)
x2Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (100%)Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (100%)
x2Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (100%)Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (100%)
x2Recipe: Daimon Crystal (100%)Recipe: Daimon Crystal (100%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Sword (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Sword (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Blade (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Blade (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Phantom (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Phantom (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Bow (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Bow (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Knife (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Knife (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Halberd (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Halberd (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Cudgel (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Cudgel (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Mace (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Mace (60%)
x4Recipe - Dynasty Bagh-Nakh (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Bagh-Nakh (60%)

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