Durable Metal Plate

Durable Metal Plate Durable Metal Plate
Grade: none
Material used by a Dwarf to make an item. It can be sold at a regular store.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 15000
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Durable Metal Plate(100%)Recipe: Durable Metal Plate(100%)

Used in Recipes:
x78Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%)Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%)
x167Recipe: Dragon Slayer(100%)Recipe: Dragon Slayer(100%)
x120Recipe: Meteor Shower(60%)Recipe: Meteor Shower(60%)
x244Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)
x196Recipe: Elysian(60%)Recipe: Elysian(60%)
x388Recipe: Elysian(100%)Recipe: Elysian(100%)
x98Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)
x196Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)
x60Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%)Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%)
x122Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)
x41Recipe: Bloody Orchid(60%)Recipe: Bloody Orchid(60%)
x98Recipe: Bloody Orchid(100%)Recipe: Bloody Orchid(100%)
x78Recipe: Soul Separator(60%)Recipe: Soul Separator(60%)
x167Recipe: Soul Separator(100%)Recipe: Soul Separator(100%)
x196Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)
x388Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)
x120Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)
x244Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)
x148Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)
x292Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)
x84Recipe: Halberd(60%)Recipe: Halberd(60%)
x172Recipe: Halberd(100%)Recipe: Halberd(100%)
x94Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(60%)Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(60%)
x192Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(100%)Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(100%)
x154Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(60%)Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(60%)
x306Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)
x78Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%)Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%)
x167Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(100%)Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(100%)
x80Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%)Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%)
x160Recipe: Sword of Miracles(100%)Recipe: Sword of Miracles(100%)
x41Recipe: Elemental Sword(60%)Recipe: Elemental Sword(60%)
x98Recipe: Elemental Sword(100%)Recipe: Elemental Sword(100%)
x41Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%)Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%)
x98Recipe: Tallum Blade(100%)Recipe: Tallum Blade(100%)
x10Recipe: Reorin's Mold(100%)Recipe: Reorin's Mold(100%)
x132Recipe: Forgotten Blade (60%)Recipe: Forgotten Blade (60%)
x243Recipe: Forgotten Blade (100%)Recipe: Forgotten Blade (100%)
x308Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (60%)Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (60%)
x568Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (100%)Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (100%)
x242Recipe: Imperial Staff (60%)Recipe: Imperial Staff (60%)
x444Recipe: Imperial Staff(100%)Recipe: Imperial Staff(100%)
x132Recipe: Angel Slayer (60%)Recipe: Angel Slayer (60%)
x243Recipe: Angel Slayer (100%)Recipe: Angel Slayer (100%)
x150Recipe: Shining Bow (60%)Recipe: Shining Bow (60%)
x278Recipe: Shining Bow (100%)Recipe: Shining Bow (100%)
x248Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (60%)Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (60%)
x464Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (100%)Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (100%)
x248Recipe: Saint Spear (60%)Recipe: Saint Spear (60%)
x464Recipe: Saint Spear (100%)Recipe: Saint Spear (100%)
x308Recipe: Demon Splinter (60%)Recipe: Demon Splinter (60%)
x568Recipe: Demon Splinter (100%)Recipe: Demon Splinter (100%)
x146Recipe: Heavens Divider (60%)Recipe: Heavens Divider (60%)
x270Recipe: Heavens Divider (100%)Recipe: Heavens Divider (100%)
x308Recipe: Arcana Mace (60%)Recipe: Arcana Mace (60%)
x568Recipe: Arcana Mace (100%)Recipe: Arcana Mace (100%)
x150Recipe: Draconic Bow (60%)Recipe: Draconic Bow (60%)
x278Recipe: Draconic Bow (100%)Recipe: Draconic Bow (100%)
x120Recipe: Spiritual Eye (60%)Recipe: Spiritual Eye (60%)
x244Recipe: Spiritual Eye (100%)Recipe: Spiritual Eye (100%)
x196Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (60%)Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (60%)
x388Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (100%)Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (100%)
x148Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)
x292Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)
x84Recipe: Destroyer Hammer (60%)Recipe: Destroyer Hammer (60%)
x172Recipe: Destroyer Hammer (100%)Recipe: Destroyer Hammer (100%)
x40Recipe: Infernal Master (60%)Recipe: Infernal Master (60%)
x98Recipe: Infernal Master (100%)Recipe: Infernal Master (100%)
x102Recipe: Sirra's Blade (60%)Recipe: Sirra's Blade (60%)
x210Recipe: Sirra's Blade (100%)Recipe: Sirra's Blade (100%)
x113Recipe: Sword of Ipos (60%)Recipe: Sword of Ipos (60%)
x234Recipe: Sword of Ipos (100%)Recipe: Sword of Ipos (100%)
x272Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (60%)Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (60%)
x528Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (100%)Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (100%)
x208Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (60%)Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (60%)
x404Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (100%)Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (100%)
x102Recipe: Naga Storm (60%)Recipe: Naga Storm (60%)
x210Recipe: Naga Storm (100%)Recipe: Naga Storm (100%)
x208Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (60%)Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (60%)
x404Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (100%)Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (100%)
x136Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (60%)Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (60%)
x266Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (100%)Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (100%)
x272Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (60%)Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (60%)
x528Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (100%)Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (100%)
x102Recipe: Themis' Tongue (60%)Recipe: Themis' Tongue (60%)
x210Recipe: Themis' Tongue (100%)Recipe: Themis' Tongue (100%)
x212Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (60%)Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (60%)
x414Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (100%)Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (100%)
x212Recipe: Daimon Crystal (60%)Recipe: Daimon Crystal (60%)
x414Recipe: Daimon Crystal (100%)Recipe: Daimon Crystal (100%)
x394Recipe - Dynasty Sword (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Sword (60%)
x418Recipe - Dynasty Blade (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Blade (60%)
x394Recipe - Dynasty Phantom (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Phantom (60%)
x556Recipe - Dynasty Bow (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Bow (60%)
x394Recipe - Dynasty Knife (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Knife (60%)
x952Recipe - Dynasty Halberd (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Halberd (60%)
x1104Recipe - Dynasty Cudgel (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Cudgel (60%)
x748Recipe - Dynasty Mace (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Mace (60%)
x1104Recipe - Dynasty Bagh-Nakh (60%)Recipe - Dynasty Bagh-Nakh (60%)

* Spiked Stakato Captain7821.1%
* Female Spiked Stakato7411.2%
* Triol's Believer7811/112
Triol's Believer7811/143
* Dimension Invader Warrior4311/155
* Bloody Knight7311/172
* Bloody Banshee7411/175
* Ketra Orc Seer7811/183
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/185
* Varka Silenos Shaman7811/229
* Platinum Tribe Soldier6711/240
* Grazing Antelope7711/243
* Hell Keeper Crimson Doll6711/255
* Dark Omen Invader Archer7311/256
* Alpen Cougar6911/269
* Ol Mahum Transcender5811/281
* Decayed Ancient Knight5011/291
Swamp Warrior4411/299
* Canyon Antelope Slave6911/306
* Unpleasant Shout4611/309
* Vault Overlord4511/315
Zaken's Elite Archer4411/321
Canyon Antelope6811/325
* Swamp Tribe4511/331
* Zaken's High Grade Watchman4511/335
Crypt Guardian6011/349
* Purgatory Invader Archer5311/350
* Ol Mahum Transcender5511/366
* Bone Slayer6811/368
Guardian Warrior of Elmoreden6411/376
Dark Knight4811/384
Gigant Cleric3311/437
Grave Robber Lookout2711/448
* Bloodthirsty Ginzu Golem VII5111/458
* Monastery Guardian7811/471
Lith Guard3011/471
* Death Knight5011/478
Lith Medium3311/524
Blade Stakato Drone4411/527
* Ol Mahum Transcender5311/560
Gigant Footman3011/566
Dark Spider4211/594
Chimera Piece7211/617
* Otherworldly Invader Archer3311/618
Otherworldly Invader Soldier3011/647
* Splinter Stakato6611/664
* Leto Lizardman Overlord4011/704
* Leogul6111/704
* Fiend Archer4811/714
* Archer of Greed4611/720
* Otherworldly Invader Magus3511/731
* Otherworldly Invader Soldier3011/757
* Splinter Stakato Walker6711/760
Disciple of Pilgrim6211/766
Otherworldly Invader Priest3011/833
* Bloody Lord6811/850
Ol Mahum Transcender5011/905
* Ol Mahum Captain3011/980
Cave Servant Archer4711/1002
* Fiend Archer4811/1010
Kanil Succubus3211/1012
Kuran Kobold2711/1016
* Horrifying Ginzu Golem VIII5411/1029
Ghost of a Loyal Vassal3111/1038
Cave Keeper5811/1053
Hungered Corpse6011/1070
* Crimson Drake6111/1114
* Doom Servant6011/1120
Turek Orc Supplier2711/1120
Tamlin Orc4111/1122
* Thunder Wyrm5411/1152
* Taik Orc Warrior4211/1164
* Forest of Mirrors Ghost4711/1200
* Grandis4011/1202
Turek Orc Shaman2911/1220
* Ritmal Swordsman2911/1289
* Elder Tarlk Basilisk5111/1304
* Turek Orc Warlord3011/1312
* Fiend Archer4811/1359
Warlike Tyrant3511/1364
Treasure Chest3611/1376
Rotting tree4311/1376
Spore Zombie4711/1403
* Drake5711/1431
* Medusa3411/1490
Talakin Raider2711/1681
Leto Lizardman Shaman3911/1799
* Ol Mahum Commander2911/1832
Tasaba Lizardman3611/1883
* Bandit Sweeper3011/1894
Delu Lizardman Shaman3511/1916
* Stinger Wasp3011/1953
Breka Orc Shaman3411/2024
Roughly Hewn Rock Golem3111/2041
Noble Ant3711/2128
Greedy Geist3011/2146
* Lienrik Lad4011/2183
* Hatu Brown Bear3411/2326
Ant Recruit3311/2331
* Hangman Tree3511/2347
Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3011/2604
Tasaba Lizardman3611/2770
* Horrifying Excavator Golem III5111/2809
Bandit Watchman3211/3155
* Lienrik Lad4011/3300
Maille Lizardman Shaman2811/3344
Tasaba Lizardman Shaman3711/4425
Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3511/7813

Varka's Elite Guard78210.8%
* Hot Springs Flava7428.6%
Elmoradan's Maid6425.9%
* Forbidden Path Invader Soldier6025.7%
* Catacomb Liviona4423.7%
Requiem Behemoth6723.4%
Glow Wisp6722.9%
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8022.6%
Treasure Chest6622.4%
Tanor Silenos Shaman4821.8%
Otherworldly Invader Discipline3321.7%
* Cursed Seer3421/132
* Platinum Tribe Overlord71116.6%
* Alpen Buffalo6717.4%
Silent Seeker7815%

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