Metallic Thread

Metallic Thread Metallic Thread
Grade: none
Material used by a Dwarf to make an item. It can be sold at a regular store.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 2000
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Metallic Thread(100%)Recipe: Metallic Thread(100%)

Used in Recipes:
x5Recipe: Durable Metal Plate(100%)Recipe: Durable Metal Plate(100%)

* Triol's Priest7825.3%
Divine Advocate7817.7%
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7517.7%
* Scarlet Stakato Noble7817.3%
* Royal Guard of Empire7817.1%
* Royal Guard of Empire7816.3%
* Katraxis7816%
* Triol's High Priest7815.9%
* Hasturan7815.7%
* Triol's Priest7815.6%
Imperial Royal Guard7815.5%
* Hasturan7815.4%
Imperial Royal Guard7815.4%
* Katraxis7815.2%
* Elder Homunculus7515%
* Triol's Priest7815%
Silent Seeker7815%
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5514.8%
* Varka's Commander7814.7%
* Platinum Guardian Chief7514.6%
Prophet's Guard7814.5%
* Bloody Sniper7114%
* Messenger Invader Berserker8014%
* Varka Silenos Seer7813.9%
* Platinum Guardian Shaman7313.9%
Gaze of Nightmare7213.8%
* Ketra Orc Elite Soldier7813.3%
* Plando6413.3%
* Crypt Preacher7213.3%
Ritual Sacrifice7813.2%
* Temple Guard7813%
* Pytan6912.9%
* Varka Silenos Hunter7812.5%
Bloody Mystic7412.5%
* Alpen Cougar6912.5%
* Hallate's Maid6612.5%
Swamp Alligator4412.4%
Zaken's Elite Archer4412.3%
* Catacomb Gargoyle4312.3%
* Swamp Tribe4512.3%
* Temple Guard Captain7812.2%
* Purgatory Invader Archer5312.1%
Elmoradan's Archer Escort6412.1%
* Hallowed Priest4212.1%
* Dimension Invader Warrior4312%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4512%
* Bloodthirsty Ginzu Golem II5212%
* Bone Grinder7011.9%
Bone Sweeper6911.7%
Shrine Guard7511.7%
* Skull Collector6711.5%
* Conjurer Bat Lord7211.5%
* Ghost of the Tower6011.5%
* Scavenger Scarab7311.5%
* Barrow Monk3211.4%
* Bloody Lady6011.3%
* Cave Ant Soldier3811.3%
* Dark Lord5011.3%
Claws of Splendor6011.2%
* Otherworldly Invader Archer3311.2%
Death Flyer4711.2%
* Splinter Stakato6611.1%
Leto Lizardman Warrior3811.1%
* Bone Grinder7011%
Claws of Splendor6011%
* Otherworldly Invader Magus3511%
Nonexistent Man7811%
* Krator4411/105
Death Flyer4711/120
Treasure Chest6311/127
Karul Bugbear4011/130
* Turak Bugbear Warrior3311/131
* Bandit Warrior3611/133
Roving Soul5311/133
Kanil Succubus3211/135
* Vanor Silenos Scout4711/138
Ol Mahum Sergeant2911/139
Lost Watcher5311/140
Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7011/140
Doom Warrior6411/142
* Blade Stakato Warrior4311/144
Pobby Escort5511/144
Turek Orc Supplier2711/149
* Weird Drake4511/151
Taik Orc Archer4111/155
Turek Orc Shaman2911/163
Death Flyer4711/163
* Tanor Silenos Warrior4611/165
* Ritmal Swordsman2911/172
* Turek Orc Warlord3011/175
Leto Lizardman Archer3611/176
Grave Wanderer4511/178
Rotting tree4311/183
* Ol Mahum Captain2511/192
* Ghost of a General3211/195
* Langk Lizardman Leader2511/200
* Cloudy Beast Turen2511/200
Pilgrim of Light7811/200
* Leto Lizardman Soldier3711/203
Guardian Basilisk3611/204
Whispering Wind3011/207
Treasure Chest3311/216
* Harpy3211/218
Ghost of a Loyal Vassal3111/224
Talakin Raider2711/224
Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6011/229
* Cursed Seer3411/232
* Magical Eye3111/235
* Ol Mahum General2611/237
Leto Lizardman Shaman3911/240
Giant Crimson Ant2811/240
Tasaba Lizardman3611/251
Delu Lizardman Shaman3511/256
Breka Orc Shaman3411/270
Roughly Hewn Rock Golem3111/272
Noble Ant3711/284
* Specter2611/284
* Iron Ore Golem2911/305
Ant Recruit3311/311
* Hangman Tree3511/313
Tasaba Lizardman3611/370
Grave Robber Lookout2711/373
Maille Lizardman Shaman2811/447
* Wasp Leader3711/456
Tasaba Lizardman Shaman3711/591
Dark Spider4211/594
Poison Araneid2511/699
Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3511/1045

* Blazing Ifrit78[2-6]68.5%
* Mercenary of Destruction78[2-4]73.7%
* Disciples of Authority76[2-4]70%
* Disciples of Authority76[2-4]64.6%
* Ketra Orc Battalion Commander78273.9%
* Sepulcher Sage67269.9%
Hot Springs Antelope74263.9%
Hot Springs Buffalo73261.8%
* Purgatory Tarantula64261.4%
* Skull Animator68234.6%
* Wisdom of Splendor62229.8%
Purgatory Invader Martyrs50227.8%
* Hamrut58227%
Resurrected Knight63221.6%
Snipe Cohort42220%
Lith Warrior27211.8%
Gigant Overseer27211.8%
Tarlk Basilisk50211.8%
* Lienrik Lad4026%
* Lienrik Lad4024%
* Elroki80175%
* Binder73167.8%
* Dre Vanul Scout2112.4%
Kasha Fang Spider1612.4%
Elder Wolf511/178
Gray Wolf411/259
Longtail Keltir211/558

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