Halberd Edge

Halberd Edge Halberd Edge
Grade: none
An essential ingredient needed by a Dwarf to make a Halberd. It can be sold at a regular store.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 59308
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x13Recipe: Halberd(60%)Recipe: Halberd(60%)
x13Recipe: Halberd(100%)Recipe: Halberd(100%)

Hekaton Prime65[12-36]26.3%
Last Titan Utenus66[3-9]47.3%
* Soldier Scarab7811/142
* Soldier Scarab7811/162
* Spiked Stakato Guard7411/174
* Spiked Stakato Captain7811/178
* Alpen Cougar6911/328
* Bone Grinder7011/455
* Requiem Lord6811/490
Bone Animator6811/634
* Bone Grinder7011/808

* Grendel Slave7413.7%
Vampire Warrior7211.3%
* Ghost of Betrayer6911/115

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