Blood Tornado Edge

Blood Tornado Edge Blood Tornado Edge
Grade: none
An essential ingredient needed by a Dwarf to make a Blood Tornado. It can be sold at a regular store.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 59308
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x13Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)
x13Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)

Gargoyle Lord Tiphon65[12-36]26.3%
* Spiked Stakato Drone7711/109
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7511/132
* Disciples of Protection7411/138
Gaze of Nightmare7211/220
* Dark Omen Invader Soldier7511/235
* Dark Omen Invader Berserker7511/277
Dark Omen Invader Soldier7011/287
* Varka Silenos Scout7811/290
* Hot Springs Atrox7611/293
Dark Omen Invader Disciple7311/311
* Grazing Kookaburra7711/320
* Hot Springs Atroxspawn7411/328
* Hot Springs Bandersnatchling7311/338
Vampire Warlord7311/469
Vampire Warlord7311/501
* Bone Puppeteer7111/527
Vampire Warrior7211/534
Vampire Magister7311/553
Behemoth Zombie7111/611
Vampire Magister7311/648
* Raider of Pastureland6811/699
Vampire Warlord7311/708
Vampire Magister7311/751
* Ghost of Betrayer6911/779
Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7011/1387
Alpen Cougar6911/1887
* Spiked Stakato Worker7311/2000

* Splinter Stakato Drone6911.2%
* Vampire Adept7211.2%

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