Recipe: Mithril Arrow (100%)

  Name Level Quan MP Success% Price
Recipe: Mithril Arrow (100%) Recipe: Mithril Arrow (100%) 4 500 130 100 80000
Creates: Mithril Arrow
For Dwarves only. The recipe for a Mithril Arrow. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 4. The success rate is 100%.
Type recipe Consume type stackable
Weight 30
Price 80000
Material paper
4xBraided HempBraided Hemp
1xMithril OreMithril Ore

Elmoradan's Maid6411/4566
* Soul of Splendor6311/7143

Lilim Assassin6621.1%
Nephilim Scout6621.1%
* Sepulcher Sage6721/107
* Sepulcher Guardian6521/115
Mul's Wizard6721/154
Bathin's Wizard6221/180
Spiteful Soul Fighter6221/252
Glow Wisp6721/339
Bloody Knight6521/380
Bloody Priest6621/398
Treasure Chest6321/470
Bloody Ghost6421/559
* Platinum Guardian Chief7511.4%
* Platinum Guardian Shaman7311.4%
* Bloody Banshee7411.4%
Forbidden Path Invader Magus6311.3%
* Platinum Guardian Archer7111.2%
* Bloody Guardian7511.2%
* Hallate's Knight6511.1%
* Malruk Berserker6711.1%
Lilim Knight6311%
Nephilim Centurion6311%
Crypt Guard7011/105
* Tomb Sage6711/107
* Hell Keeper Crimson Doll6711/108
* Malruk Knight6611/110
* Plando6411/113
* Tomb Guardian6511/115
* Power Angel Amon7511/122
* Sepulcher Sage6211/134
* Crypt Sage6211/134
Lesser Giant Soldier6211/140
* Hallate's Royal Guard6311/146
Elmoradan's Archer Escort6411/149
* Corrupt Sage6411/151
* Blader of Despair6211/151
* Archer of Abyss6511/152
Guardian Warrior of Elmoreden6411/158
* Death Wave6211/161
Mul's Knight6711/166
Bathin's Knight6211/171
* Crendion6211/175
Spiteful Soul Leader6511/189
Spiteful Soul Wizard6311/213
Requiem Behemoth6711/259
Judge of Fire6611/282
Alpen Buffalo6711/285
Corrupted Knight6311/296
* Doom Archer6211/300
Alpen Kookaburra6511/304
Doom Warrior6411/350
* Falibati6411/371
Ghostly Warrior6211/387

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