Rope of Magic: C-Grade

Rope of Magic: C-Grade Rope of Magic: C-Grade
Grade: none
A rope that has magical power. It is made by weaving strips of lizard leather together. Using this rope to tie an item will reduce its weight so that it will be easier to carry.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 150
Material paper

Used in Recipes:
x3Recipe: Soulshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)Recipe: Soulshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)
x7Recipe: Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)Recipe: Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)
x18Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)
x25Recipe: Greater Soulshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)Recipe: Greater Soulshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)
x58Recipe: Greater Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)Recipe: Greater Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)
x150Recipe: Greater Blessed Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)Recipe: Greater Blessed Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)

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