Greater Dye of STR <Str+3 Dex-3>

Greater Dye of STR <Str+3 Dex-3> Greater Dye of STR
Grade: none
Greater Dye of STR . Collect and take 10 units of this type of magical dye to the symbol maker in town and you will receive a symbol that boosts your abilities tatooed onto your body. Can be used by all classes after completion of their second class transfer, and can be kept and used after the completion of the third class transfer as well.
Type dye Consume type stackable
Weight 150
Price 108000
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Greater Dye of STR <Str+3 Dex-3> (100%)Recipe: Greater Dye of STR (100%)
Iron Giant Totem45[2-4]22.9%
Timak Orc Chief Ranger44[2-4]22.8%
Cursed Clara50[2-4]15.5%
Deadman Ereve51[2-4]13.3%
Mirror of Oblivion49[2-4]10.3%
Fafurion's Henchman Istary45[2-4]10.2%
Thief Kelbar44[2-4]10.1%

* Horrifying Cannon Golem5214.3%
Purgatory Invader Martyrs5011/162
* Harit Lizardman Archer5211/326

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