Avadon Boots Design

Avadon Boots Design Avadon Boots Design
Grade: none
Main ingredient definitely required for a Dwarf to make Avadon Boots. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 3843
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x12Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)
x12Recipe: Avadon BootsRecipe: Avadon Boots

Lilith's Witch Marilion50[116-346]4.8%
Sorcerer Isirr55[116-346]2.9%
Bandit Leader Barda55[11-31]25.3%
Fafurion's Envoy Pingolpin52[11-31]24.9%
* Purgatory Shadow6111%
* Tomb Inquisitor5711/112
* Yintzu5611/219
Treasure Chest5711/403

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