Blue Wolf Stockings Pattern

Blue Wolf Stockings Pattern Blue Wolf Stockings Pattern
Grade: none
Main ingredient definitely required for a Dwarf to make Blue Wolf Stockings. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 8523
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x13Recipe: Blue Wolf Stockings (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Stockings (60%)
x13Recipe: Blue Wolf StockingsRecipe: Blue Wolf Stockings

Fairy Queen Timiniel61[6-18]25.3%
Lord Ishka60[6-18]20.6%
Lilim Knight6311/154
Nephilim Centurion6311/154
* Platinum Tribe Soldier6711/156
* Tomb Sage6711/165
* Alpen Buffalo6711/201
Lesser Giant Soldier6211/215
* Lesser Giant Scout6311/247
Mul's Knight6711/255
Bathin's Knight6211/264
* Crendion6211/269
Lesser Giant Mage6411/335
Wailing of Splendor6711/352
Judge of Light6611/381
Requiem Behemoth6711/399
* Guillotine's Ghost6711/408
Alpen Buffalo6711/439
Alpen Buffalo6711/439
Frost Yeti6311/467
* Soul of Splendor6311/467
Lost Yeti6211/657
Heathen Archer6711/2020

* Bone Shaper6627.6%
* Alpen Buffalo67112.9%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier65112.6%
Alpen Kookaburra6515.8%
Resurrected Knight6315.1%

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