Avadon Gaiters Material

Avadon Gaiters Material Avadon Gaiters Material
Grade: none
Main ingredient definitely required for a Dwarf to make avadon Plate Gaiters. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 7150
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x12Recipe: Avadon Gaiters (60%)Recipe: Avadon Gaiters (60%)
x12Recipe: Avadon GaitersRecipe: Avadon Gaiters

Paniel the Unicorn54[116-346]5.1%
Messenger of Fairy Queen Berun50[11-31]35%
Harit Hero Tamash55[11-31]30.9%
Ghost Knight Kabed55[11-31]13.2%
Deadman Ereve51[11-31]12.3%
* Frost Iron Golem5921/570
Nephilim Bishop6011/167
Lilim Priest6011/182
Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6011/193
* Purgatory Serpent5611/204
* Ghost of the Tower6011/240
Lost Iron Golem5811/382
* Flash of Splendor6111/386
* Doom Servant6011/534
* Cave Maiden5911/570

Forbidden Path Invader Food6024.9%
* Crimson Drake6115.1%

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