Ring of Black Ore Gemstone

Ring of Black Ore Gemstone Ring of Black Ore Gemstone
Grade: none
Main ingredient definitely required for a Dwarf to make Ring of Black Ore. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 4666
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x13Recipe: Ring of Black Ore (70%)Recipe: Ring of Black Ore (70%)
x13Recipe: Ring of Black OreRecipe: Ring of Black Ore

Soulless Wild Boar59[28-84]17.5%
* Hallate's Knight6511.8%
Lilim Assassin6611.7%
Nephilim Scout6611.7%
* Hallate's Commander6711.5%
* Alpen Buffalo6711.2%
* Alpen Kookaburra6511.1%
* Forbidden Path Invader Berserker6511.1%
* Elmoradan's Lady6511/101
Bathin's Wizard6211/114
* Judge of Splendor6711/128
Alliance of Splendor6511/137
Lesser Giant Elder6511/143
* Splinter Stakato6611/177
Alliance of Splendor6511/181
Alpen Buffalo6711/214
* Judge of Marsh6511/227
Alpen Kookaburra6511/229

* Malruk Soldier63221.4%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier65146.7%
* Malruk Berserker67136%
* Alpen Kookaburra65135.6%
Lilim Knight63132.2%
Nephilim Centurion63132.2%
Lost Yeti62131.5%
Crypt Guard70130.6%
* Tomb Sage67130%
* Hell Keeper Crimson Doll67129.8%
* Tomb Guardian65127.9%
* Sepulcher Sage62123.9%
* Crypt Sage62123.9%
* Corrupt Sage64121.3%
* Blader of Despair62121.2%
* Archer of Abyss65121.2%
* Lesser Giant Shooter63120.8%
Bathin's Knight62118.8%
Spiteful Soul Wizard63115.1%
Wailing of Splendor67114.1%
Crown of Splendor66112.9%
* Doom Knight65112.5%
Requiem Behemoth67112.4%
* Corrupted Guard64111.5%
Alpen Buffalo67111.3%
Corrupted Guard64111.2%
Disciple of Pilgrim6219.9%
Nihil Invader6618.8%
Bloody Knight6518.5%
Treasure Chest6316.8%
Bloody Ghost6415.8%

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