Recipe: Elven Earring

  Name Level Quan MP Success% Price
Recipe: Elven Earring Recipe: Elven Earring 3 1 120 100 1868
Creates: Elven Earring
For Dwarves only. The recipe for Elven Earrings. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 3. The success rate is 100%.
Type recipe Consume type stackable
Weight 30
Price 1868
Material liquid
7xElven Earring BeadsElven Earring Beads
1xSilver MoldSilver Mold
30xCrystal: D-GradeCrystal: D-Grade
6xGemstone DGemstone D

* Cave Noble Ant3914.3%
* Cave Ant Soldier3811.5%
* Otherworldly Invader Archer3311.3%
* Ghost of a Batur Chief3311.3%
* Cave Ant3711/120
* Rowin Undine3311/126
Cave Ant Larva3611/168
Ant Recruit3311/290

Delu Lizardman Special Agent3327.2%
Leto Lizardman3526.3%
Treasure Chest3324.7%
* Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier35133.1%
* Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier33130.2%
* Catacomb Shadow34117.8%
Lith Medium33117.3%
Gigant Cleric33117.3%
* Otherworldly Invader Shaman33116%
Scout of the Plains3619.4%
* Crokian3617.1%
Guardian Basilisk3616.9%
* Marsh Spider3416.6%
* Wyrm3516.4%
Granite Golem3316.4%
* Ogre3816.3%
* Ogre3816.2%
Breka Orc Shaman3416%
Dead Seeker3415.9%
* Hatu Brown Bear3413.9%
* Ghost of a Batur Chief3312.5%
Snow Lynx3311/200

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