Gemstone D

Gemstone D Gemstone D
Grade: none

Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 1000
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x2Recipe: Necklace of DevotionRecipe: Necklace of Devotion
x3Recipe: Enchanted NecklaceRecipe: Enchanted Necklace
x4Recipe: Tiger's Eye EarringRecipe: Tiger's Eye Earring
x6Recipe: Elven EarringRecipe: Elven Earring
x4Recipe: Elven RingRecipe: Elven Ring
x9Recipe: Elven NecklaceRecipe: Elven Necklace
x8Recipe: Omen Beast's Eye EarringRecipe: Omen Beast's Eye Earring
x5Recipe: Mithril RingRecipe: Mithril Ring
x12Recipe: Necklace of DarknessRecipe: Necklace of Darkness
x1Recipe: Leather BootsRecipe: Leather Boots
x2Recipe: Bone HelmetRecipe: Bone Helmet
x4Recipe: Dark StockingsRecipe: Dark Stockings
x1Recipe: Crafted Leather GlovesRecipe: Crafted Leather Gloves
x9Recipe: Scale MailRecipe: Scale Mail
x7Recipe: White TunicRecipe: White Tunic
x5Recipe: Scale GaitersRecipe: Scale Gaiters
x11Recipe: Mithril Banded MailRecipe: Mithril Banded Mail
x6Recipe: Mithril Banded GaitersRecipe: Mithril Banded Gaiters
x3Recipe: Iron BootsRecipe: Iron Boots
x24Recipe: Brigandine TunicRecipe: Brigandine Tunic
x17Recipe: Manticore Skin ShirtRecipe: Manticore Skin Shirt
x10Recipe: Manticore Skin GaitersRecipe: Manticore Skin Gaiters
x17Recipe: Mithril TunicRecipe: Mithril Tunic
x10Recipe: Mithril StockingsRecipe: Mithril Stockings
x5Recipe: RIP GauntletsRecipe: RIP Gauntlets
x5Recipe: Kite ShieldRecipe: Kite Shield
x5Recipe: Boots of PowerRecipe: Boots of Power
x6Recipe: Mithril GlovesRecipe: Mithril Gloves
x32Recipe: Half Plate ArmorRecipe: Half Plate Armor
x19Recipe: Plate GaitersRecipe: Plate Gaiters
x36Recipe: Salamander Skin MailRecipe: Salamander Skin Mail
x36Recipe: Sage's RagRecipe: Sage's Rag
x10Recipe: Chain HelmetRecipe: Chain Helmet
x7Recipe: Square ShieldRecipe: Square Shield
x6Recipe: Assault BootsRecipe: Assault Boots
x9Recipe: Mithril BootsRecipe: Mithril Boots
x6Recipe: Ogre Power GauntletsRecipe: Ogre Power Gauntlets
x34Recipe: SaberRecipe: Saber
x34Recipe: Assassin KnifeRecipe: Assassin Knife
x34Recipe: TridentRecipe: Trident
x34Recipe: Temptation of AbyssRecipe: Temptation of Abyss
x57Recipe: Spinebone SwordRecipe: Spinebone Sword
x57Recipe: Mace of JudgmentRecipe: Mace of Judgment
x57Recipe: Conjuror's StaffRecipe: Conjuror's Staff
x57Recipe: Elven BowRecipe: Elven Bow
x57Recipe: Dwarven TridentRecipe: Dwarven Trident
x91Recipe: Two-handed SwordRecipe: Two-handed Sword
x91Recipe: Spiked ClubRecipe: Spiked Club
x91Recipe: Shilen KnifeRecipe: Shilen Knife
x91Recipe: GastraphetesRecipe: Gastraphetes
x91Recipe: Tome of BloodRecipe: Tome of Blood
x139Recipe: Morning StarRecipe: Morning Star
x139Recipe: Goat Head StaffRecipe: Goat Head Staff
x139Recipe: Winged SpearRecipe: Winged Spear
x139Recipe: Sword of RevolutionRecipe: Sword of Revolution
x139Recipe: TarbarRecipe: Tarbar
x139Recipe: Skull BreakerRecipe: Skull Breaker
x139Recipe: Heavy Bone ClubRecipe: Heavy Bone Club
x139Recipe: MaingaucheRecipe: Maingauche
x139Recipe: Bich'hwaRecipe: Bich'hwa
x139Recipe: Strengthened Long BowRecipe: Strengthened Long Bow
x139Recipe: War PickRecipe: War Pick
x139Recipe: Crucifix of BloodRecipe: Crucifix of Blood
x139Recipe: Eye of InfinityRecipe: Eye of Infinity
x139Recipe: Cursed MaingaucheRecipe: Cursed Maingauche
x153Recipe: Blue Crystal SkullRecipe: Blue Crystal Skull
x153Recipe: Demon FangsRecipe: Demon Fangs
x185Recipe: ClaymoreRecipe: Claymore
x185Recipe: BonebreakerRecipe: Bonebreaker
x185Recipe: Atuba HammerRecipe: Atuba Hammer
x185Recipe: Ghost StaffRecipe: Ghost Staff
x185Recipe: Staff of LifeRecipe: Staff of Life
x185Recipe: Mithril DaggerRecipe: Mithril Dagger
x185Recipe: Scallop JamadhrRecipe: Scallop Jamadhr
x185Recipe: Light CrossbowRecipe: Light Crossbow
x185Recipe: GlaiveRecipe: Glaive
x185Recipe: Vajra WandsRecipe: Vajra Wands
x185Recipe: Ancient ReagentRecipe: Ancient Reagent
x185Recipe: Atuba MaceRecipe: Atuba Mace
x14Recipe: Mithril Scale GaitersRecipe: Mithril Scale Gaiters
x14Recipe: Brigandine GaitersRecipe: Brigandine Gaiters
x17Recipe: Elven Mithril TunicRecipe: Elven Mithril Tunic
x10Recipe: Elven Mithril StockingsRecipe: Elven Mithril Stockings
x8Recipe: Brigandine HelmetRecipe: Brigandine Helmet
x5Recipe: Manticore Skin BootsRecipe: Manticore Skin Boots
x5Recipe: Brigandine BootsRecipe: Brigandine Boots
x5Recipe: Elven Mithril BootsRecipe: Elven Mithril Boots
x5Recipe: Manticore Skin GlovesRecipe: Manticore Skin Gloves
x5Recipe: Brigandine GauntletsRecipe: Brigandine Gauntlets
x5Recipe: Elven Mithril GlovesRecipe: Elven Mithril Gloves
x5Recipe: Brigandine ShieldRecipe: Brigandine Shield
x10Recipe: Plate HelmetRecipe: Plate Helmet
x6Recipe: Salamander Skin BootsRecipe: Salamander Skin Boots
x6Recipe: Plate BootsRecipe: Plate Boots
x6Recipe: Sage's Worn GlovesRecipe: Sage's Worn Gloves
x7Recipe: Plate ShieldRecipe: Plate Shield
x185Recipe: Elven Long SwordRecipe: Elven Long Sword
x34Recipe: Heavy Sword(100%)Recipe: Heavy Sword(100%)
x34Recipe: Steel Sword (100%)Recipe: Steel Sword (100%)
x34Recipe: Priest Sword (100%)Recipe: Priest Sword (100%)
x139Recipe: Titan Sword (100%)Recipe: Titan Sword (100%)
x139Recipe: Sword of Magic Fog (100%)Recipe: Sword of Magic Fog (100%)
x139Recipe: Priest Mace (100%)Recipe: Priest Mace (100%)
x139Recipe: Titan Hammer (100%)Recipe: Titan Hammer (100%)

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