Mithril Boots Design

Mithril Boots Design Mithril Boots Design
Grade: none
A key material for Dwarves to make Mithril Boots. This can be sold at shops.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 1120
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x8Recipe: Mithril BootsRecipe: Mithril Boots

Icarus Sample 140[220-660]1.3%
Water Spirit Lian40[11-33]11.2%
Swamp Warrior4411/133
* Snipe4411/192
* Tainted Ogre4511/253
* Krator4411/263
Cave Servant4611/422
Treasure Chest4511/534

* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier45122.4%
* Lesser Warlike Tyrant3316%

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