Omen Beast's Eye Earring Gemstone

Omen Beast's Eye Earring Gemstone Omen Beast's Eye Earring Gemstone
Grade: none
A key material that Dwarves use to make the Omen Beast's Eye. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 2056
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x8Recipe: Omen Beast's Eye EarringRecipe: Omen Beast's Eye Earring

Vuku Grand Seer Gharmash33[81-243]12.6%
Tasaba Patriarch Hellena35[81-243]6.6%
Revenant of Sir Calibus34[81-243]4%
Blade Stakato Worker4211.1%
Taik Orc Shaman4311/123
Dark Spider4211/396

Rotting tree4328.4%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier43145.5%
Dimension Invader Magus43143.4%
* Zaken's Elite Pikeman43126.8%
* Catacomb Gargoyle43126.8%
Lith Shaman42124.9%
Gigant Confessor42124.9%
* Hallowed Priest42124.3%
* Barrow Priest42124.3%
Snipe Cohort42119.5%
Snipe Cohort43119.3%
Zaken's Archer44118.4%
Dailaon Lad42117.7%
* Catherok42114.4%
Timak Orc Troop Archer41113.7%
* Blade Stakato Warrior43113.5%
Zaken's Archer44113%
* Timak Orc Soldier4219.9%
Zaken's Archer4419.6%
Enchanted Iron Golem4319.6%
Tamlin Orc4117.8%
Treasure Chest4216.7%
Nightmare Guide4315.2%

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