Enchanted Necklace Chain

Enchanted Necklace Chain Enchanted Necklace Chain
Grade: none
A key material that Dwarves use to make an Enchanted Necklace. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 1828
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x5Recipe: Enchanted NecklaceRecipe: Enchanted Necklace

Kuroboros' Priest23[84-252]5.7%
Serpent Demon Bifrons21[84-252]5.6%
Otherworldly Invader Priest3011.2%
Ant Overseer3211.2%
Ol Mahum Van Archer3211/104
* Harpy3211/133
* Stinger Wasp3011/136
Ghost of a Loyal Vassal3111/141
Ant Larva2911/172

* Grave Keeper Spartoi29213.8%
* Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier30125.8%
* Hallowed Monk32116.2%
Gigant Footman30115.9%
Lith Guard30115.9%
Barrow Sentinel30114.2%
Otherworldly Invader Soldier30113.9%
* Roxide32110.7%
* Turek Orc Warlord30110.3%
Ol Mahum Sergeant2918.6%
* Ritmal Swordsman2918.1%
Lakin Salamander3017.9%
Young Gigantiops3117.6%
* Talakin3017.3%
Breka Orc Archer3217%
Amber Basilisk3015.8%
* Watchman of the Plains3014.9%
* Skeleton Raider3014.9%
* Ol Mahum Commander2914.9%
* Delu Lizardman Warrior3014.9%
* Skeleton Marauder2914.9%
Ol Mahum Van Grunt3014.8%
Whispering Wind3014.8%
* Singing Wind2914.7%
Delu Lizardman Scout2914.6%
* Dread Wolf3514.2%
Treasure Chest3014%
* Iron Ore Golem2913.9%
* Maille Lizardman Matriarch3013.2%
* Dread Wolf3513%
Hatu Dire Wolf3212.5%
* Bandit Sweeper3012.5%
* Grave Robber Guard2912.5%

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