Metallic Fiber

Metallic Fiber Metallic Fiber
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 700
Material liquid

x20Recipe: Metallic FiberRecipe: Metallic Fiber

Used in Recipes:
x5Recipe: Moonstone EarringRecipe: Moonstone Earring
x15Recipe: Aquastone RingRecipe: Aquastone Ring
x5Recipe: Earring of ProtectionRecipe: Earring of Protection
x15Recipe: Ring of ProtectionRecipe: Ring of Protection
x20Recipe: Earrings of Binding (100%)Recipe: Earrings of Binding (100%)
x30Recipe: Ring of AgesRecipe: Ring of Ages
x45Recipe: Nassen's EarringRecipe: Nassen's Earring
x50Recipe: Sage's RingRecipe: Sage's Ring
x15Recipe: Karmian StockingsRecipe: Karmian Stockings
x12Recipe: Mithril ShirtRecipe: Mithril Shirt
x12Recipe: Karmian TunicRecipe: Karmian Tunic
x15Recipe: Plated Leather ArmorRecipe: Plated Leather Armor
x18Recipe: Plated Leather GaitersRecipe: Plated Leather Gaiters
x20Recipe: Robe of SealRecipe: Robe of Seal
x16Recipe: Rind Leather ArmorRecipe: Rind Leather Armor
x20Recipe: Rind Leather GaitersRecipe: Rind Leather Gaiters
x24Recipe: Demon's TunicRecipe: Demon's Tunic
x30Recipe: Demon's StockingsRecipe: Demon's Stockings
x27Recipe: Theca Leather ArmorRecipe: Theca Leather Armor
x32Recipe: Theca Leather GaitersRecipe: Theca Leather Gaiters
x48Recipe: Drake Leather ArmorRecipe: Drake Leather Armor
x35Recipe: Divine TunicRecipe: Divine Tunic
x42Recipe: Divine StockingsRecipe: Divine Stockings
x40Recipe: Ring of BindingRecipe: Ring of Binding
x15Recipe: Tempered Mithril GaitersRecipe: Tempered Mithril Gaiters
x30Recipe: Adamantite Earrings (70%)Recipe: Adamantite Earrings (70%)
x40Recipe: Adamantite EarringsRecipe: Adamantite Earrings
x25Recipe: Adamantite Ring (70%)Recipe: Adamantite Ring (70%)
x30Recipe: Adamantite RingRecipe: Adamantite Ring
x50Recipe: Earring of Black Ore (70%)Recipe: Earring of Black Ore (70%)
x65Recipe: Earrings of Black OreRecipe: Earrings of Black Ore
x40Recipe: Ring of Black Ore (70%)Recipe: Ring of Black Ore (70%)
x50Recipe: Ring of Black OreRecipe: Ring of Black Ore
x20Recipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt (60%)
x29Recipe: Zubei's Leather ShirtRecipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt
x20Recipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters (60%)
x29Recipe: Zubei's Leather GaitersRecipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters
x32Recipe: Avadon Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Avadon Leather Armor (60%)
x48Recipe: Avadon Leather ArmorRecipe: Avadon Leather Armor
x20Recipe: Tunic of Zubei (60%)Recipe: Tunic of Zubei (60%)
x29Recipe: Tunic of ZubeiRecipe: Tunic of Zubei
x20Recipe: Stockings of Zubei (60%)Recipe: Stockings of Zubei (60%)
x29Recipe: Stockings of ZubeiRecipe: Stockings of Zubei
x32Recipe: Avadon Robe (60%)Recipe: Avadon Robe (60%)
x48Recipe: Avadon RobeRecipe: Avadon Robe
x50Recipe: Blue Wolf Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Leather Armor (60%)
x75Recipe: Blue Wolf Leather ArmorRecipe: Blue Wolf Leather Armor
x50Recipe: Leather Armor of Doom (60%)Recipe: Leather Armor of Doom (60%)
x70Recipe: Leather Armor of DoomRecipe: Leather Armor of Doom
x32Recipe: Blue Wolf Tunic (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Tunic (60%)
x44Recipe: Blue Wolf TunicRecipe: Blue Wolf Tunic
x32Recipe: Tunic of Doom (60%)Recipe: Tunic of Doom (60%)
x44Recipe: Tunic of DoomRecipe: Tunic of Doom
x30Recipe: Blue Wolf Stockings (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Stockings (60%)
x41Recipe: Blue Wolf StockingsRecipe: Blue Wolf Stockings
x30Recipe: Stockings of Doom (60%)Recipe: Stockings of Doom (60%)
x41Recipe: Stockings of DoomRecipe: Stockings of Doom
x60Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(60%)
x108Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(100%)
x66Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(60%)
x130Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(100%)
x110Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(60%)
x200Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(100%)
x110Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(60%)
x200Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(100%)
x36Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(60%)
x60Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(100%)
x60Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(60%)
x108Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(100%)
x70Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(60%)
x126Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(100%)
x102Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(60%)
x200Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(100%)
x102Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%)
x200Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(100%)
x36Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(60%)
x24Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(100%)
x35Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Earring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Earring(70%)
x35Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Earring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Earring(100%)
x65Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(70%)
x80Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(100%)
x55Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Necklace(70%)Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Necklace(70%)
x60Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Necklace(100%)Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Necklace(100%)
x100Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%)
x120Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(100%)
x30Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Ring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Ring(70%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Ring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Ring(100%)
x45Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(70%)
x70Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(100%)
x105Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Earring (70%)Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Earring (70%)
x195Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Earring (100%)Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Earring (100%)
x85Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Ring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Ring(70%)
x145Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Ring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Ring(100%)
x160Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Necklace(70%)Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Necklace(70%)
x280Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Necklace(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tateossian Necklace(100%)
x168Recipe: Sealed Draconic Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Sealed Draconic Leather Armor (60%)
x304Recipe: Sealed Draconic Leather Armor (100%)Recipe: Sealed Draconic Leather Armor (100%)
x168Recipe: Sealed Major Arcana Robe (60%)Recipe: Sealed Major Arcana Robe (60%)
x304Recipe: Sealed Major Arcana Robe (100%)Recipe: Sealed Major Arcana Robe (100%)
x462Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Armor (60%)
x282Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Leggings (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Leggings (60%)
x462Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Tunic (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Tunic (60%)
x282Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Stockings (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Stockings (60%)
x340Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Earrings (70%)Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Earrings (70%)
x460Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Necklace (70%)Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Necklace (70%)
x230Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Ring (70%)Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Ring (70%)

* Probe Golem Champion I49[1-15]2%
* Triol's High Priest78[3-9]16.6%
Ritual Sacrifice78[3-9]14.3%
* Seal Angel73[3-9]5.6%
Chakram Beetle80[3-9]4.9%
Jamadar Beetle79[3-9]4.8%
* Ashkenas78[3-9]4.7%
* Abraxion78[3-9]3.2%
* Ustralith78[3-9]2.9%
* Lavastone Golem78[3-9]2.4%
Ritual Sacrifice78[2-4]11.1%
* Horrifying Ginzu Golem V53[2-4]5%
* Beholder of Light78233.3%
Solina Brother78214.3%
Ritual Sacrifice78135%
* Monastic Crusader78125%
* Soldier Scarab78123.8%
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier75121.5%
* Soldier Scarab78120.9%
* Knight of Empire78119.2%
* Ashuras78119.1%
* Ashuras78117.9%
* Messenger Invader Shaman80116.9%
* Assassin Beetle80116.8%
Solina Lay Brother78116.6%
Warrior Monk78116.6%
* Bloody Lord75116.6%
Hexa Beetle78116.3%
* Ustralith78115.8%
* Karik70115.1%
* Sepulcher Guard75115%
* Abraxion78115%
* Scarlet Stakato Soldier78114.5%
* Hexa Beetle78114.3%
* Triol's Priest78114.3%
* Triol's Priest78114.3%
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier55114%
Prophet Guard78112.8%
* Triol's Believer78112.5%
Cannibalistic Stakato Leader75112.5%
* Lesser Ancient Warrior80112.4%
* Knight of Empire78112.3%
* Grazing Elder Antelope78110.9%
* Grazing Elder Kookaburra78110.9%
* Canyon Bandersnatch Slave71110.5%
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier75110.3%
* Hot Springs Bandersnatchling73110%
* Lesser Ancient Scout7419.9%
* Platinum Tribe Warrior6919.8%
* Messenger Invader Warrior8019.8%
Nephilim Archbishop6919.5%
Lilim Soldier6918.7%
* Grazing Bandersnatch7818.4%
* Epic Cannon Golem5318.3%
* Purgatory Invader Shaman5318%
* Ketra Orc Footman7717.8%
* Zombie Captain's Spiritual Body5217.8%
* Magus Valac7017.8%
* Ketra Orc Scout7817.2%
Gigantic Flyer4717.2%
* Cave Howler6517.2%
Spiked Stakato Nurse7917.1%
* Purgatory Conjurer5917.1%
Nephilim Swordsman5416.8%
Lilim Knight Errant5416.8%
* Grave Overlord4516.8%
* Grave Priest4716.6%
* Lesser Giant Scout6316.6%
* Dimension Invader Soldier4516.5%
Dark Omen Invader Priest7016.4%
Lith Commander4516.3%
* Barif6416.2%
* Decayed Ancient Pikeman4616.1%
* Fallen Orc Shaman5916.1%
Vampire Warlord7316%
* Sepulcher Archon5516%
Ghost of a Gatekeeper7615.9%
* Beast Lord6015.9%
* Doll Master5015.8%
* Purgatory Invader Soldier5015.8%
Vampire Warlord7315.6%
* Sepulcher Inquisitor5715.6%
* Death Wave6215.6%
* Dimension Invader Berserker4515.5%
Gigant Commander4515.5%
* Needle Stakato Drone7315.5%
Halisha's Treasure Box8515.5%
Conjurer Bat7015.4%
* Purgatory Wisp5315.3%
Dailaon Lad4215.2%
* Needle Stakato7015.1%
Treasure Chest8415%
* Dimension Invader Magus4515%
Shrine Knight7514.9%
Ghost of Rebellion Leader7114.8%
* Ghost of Rebellion Soldier6914.8%
* Atrox6914.4%
Frenzy Stakato Drone7214.3%
Corrupted Knight6314.3%
Hames Orc Footman7114.2%
Vampire Warlord7314%
Vampire Wizard7313.8%
Vampire Wizard7313.7%
Bone Caster7113.7%
* Vampire Magician7213.6%
Ghost of Guillotine7013.5%
Eye of Splendor6013.5%
Rotting Golem4413.4%
* Needle Stakato Soldier7213.4%
Alpen Cougar6913.4%
Alpen Cougar6913.4%
Ghost of Guillotine7013.4%
* Pirate Zombie Captain5213.3%
Alpen Cougar6913.3%
Lost Buffalo6013.1%
Treasure Chest7813.1%
* Ossiud4713.1%
Epic Cannon Golem Adjunct5213%
* Menacing Jackhammer Golem4712.7%
* Kadios6212.7%
Huge Footmark7012.6%
* Theeder Piker4812.5%
Forbidden Path Invader Food6012.5%
Warrior of the Plains3812.4%
* Pirate Zombie Captain5212.3%
Soldier of Grief5112.1%
Taik Orc Shaman4312.1%
* Chapel Guard7812%
Tortured Undead5312%
* Grave Predator5912%
Tamlin Orc Archer4211.9%
Treasure Chest4811.9%
Ice Tarantula5711.9%
* Pirate's Zombie Captain5211.7%
* Tasaba Lizardman Sniper3911.7%
* Horrifying Jackhammer Golem5211.6%
Hatar Ratman Thief4711.6%
* Harit Lizardman Archer5211.5%
Ritual Offering7811.4%
Bloody Ghost6411.4%
* Nightmare Lord4711.4%
* Tasaba Lizardman Sniper3911.3%
* Heathen Warrior6511/141
* Andreas' Captain of the Royal Guard7811/180

* Arimanes of Destruction78[2-8]91.9%
* Varka's Prophet78[2-8]91%
* Varka Silenos Great Seer78[2-8]77.4%
Sly Hound Dog72[2-8]75.8%
Nephilim Royal Guard75[2-8]75.4%
Lilim Slayer75[1-7]75.4%
* Bloody Liviona72[2-6]91.1%
Messenger Invader Soldier80[2-6]89.3%
* Limal Karinness69[2-6]86.8%
Varka's Head Guard78[2-6]82.4%
* Hallate's Guardian69[2-6]79%
Eye of Guide72[2-6]72.3%
Dark Omen Invader Soldier70[2-6]66.7%
* Hot Springs Atrox76[2-6]65.3%
* Ornithomimus80[1-5]50%
* Ketra Orc Warrior78[2-4]93.2%
Valac's Creature69[2-4]75%
* Eye of Restrainer71[2-4]68.8%
* Vampire Adept72[2-4]51.3%
* Alpen Cougar69[1-3]87.4%
Punishment of Splendor64284.9%
Warrior of Ancient Times75277.2%
Trampled Man65260.4%
Trampled Man65260.4%
Wretched Archer55255.1%
* Shindebarn44253.5%
* Tainted Ogre45247.8%
Dimension Invader Food40221.7%
Forest Runner50163.2%
Soldier of Ancient Times73153.7%
* Dicor47149.5%
* Light Bringer46145.4%
Malruk Succubus Turen56143%
* Ant Warrior Captain36137.4%

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