Crafted Leather

Crafted Leather Crafted Leather
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 5700
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Crafted LeatherRecipe: Crafted Leather

Used in Recipes:
x15Recipe: Karmian StockingsRecipe: Karmian Stockings
x8Recipe: Mithril BootsRecipe: Mithril Boots
x24Recipe: Mithril ShirtRecipe: Mithril Shirt
x24Recipe: Karmian TunicRecipe: Karmian Tunic
x1Recipe: EldarakeRecipe: Eldarake
x3Recipe: Steel Plate HelmetRecipe: Steel Plate Helmet
x30Recipe: Plated Leather ArmorRecipe: Plated Leather Armor
x18Recipe: Plated Leather GaitersRecipe: Plated Leather Gaiters
x40Recipe: Robe of SealRecipe: Robe of Seal
x6Recipe: Great HelmetRecipe: Great Helmet
x1Recipe: Knight's ShieldRecipe: Knight's Shield
x10Recipe: Pa'agrian HandRecipe: Pa'agrian Hand
x10Recipe: Crimson BootsRecipe: Crimson Boots
x32Recipe: Rind Leather ArmorRecipe: Rind Leather Armor
x20Recipe: Rind Leather GaitersRecipe: Rind Leather Gaiters
x2Recipe: Tower ShieldRecipe: Tower Shield
x48Recipe: Demon's TunicRecipe: Demon's Tunic
x30Recipe: Demon's StockingsRecipe: Demon's Stockings
x16Recipe: Mithril GauntletsRecipe: Mithril Gauntlets
x16Recipe: Forgotten BootsRecipe: Forgotten Boots
x14Recipe: Shining CircletRecipe: Shining Circlet
x54Recipe: Theca Leather ArmorRecipe: Theca Leather Armor
x32Recipe: Theca Leather GaitersRecipe: Theca Leather Gaiters
x96Recipe: Drake Leather ArmorRecipe: Drake Leather Armor
x70Recipe: Divine TunicRecipe: Divine Tunic
x42Recipe: Divine StockingsRecipe: Divine Stockings
x26Recipe: Mithril HelmetRecipe: Mithril Helmet
x26Recipe: Cap of ManaRecipe: Cap of Mana
x26Recipe: Paradia HoodRecipe: Paradia Hood
x26Recipe: Hood of Solar EclipseRecipe: Hood of Solar Eclipse
x26Recipe: Hood of SummoningRecipe: Hood of Summoning
x26Recipe: Elemental HoodRecipe: Elemental Hood
x26Recipe: Hood of GraceRecipe: Hood of Grace
x26Recipe: Phoenix HoodRecipe: Phoenix Hood
x26Recipe: Hood of AidRecipe: Hood of Aid
x26Recipe: Flame HelmRecipe: Flame Helm
x26Recipe: Helm of AvadonRecipe: Helm of Avadon
x26Recipe: Helmet of PledgeRecipe: Helmet of Pledge
x24Recipe: Gauntlets of GhostRecipe: Gauntlets of Ghost
x24Recipe: Adamantite BootsRecipe: Adamantite Boots
x15Recipe: Tempered Mithril GaitersRecipe: Tempered Mithril Gaiters
x2Recipe: Chain HoodRecipe: Chain Hood
x8Recipe: Chain BootsRecipe: Chain Boots
x8Recipe: Karmian BootsRecipe: Karmian Boots
x8Recipe: Plated Leather BootsRecipe: Plated Leather Boots
x8Recipe: Dwarven Chain BootsRecipe: Dwarven Chain Boots
x8Recipe: Boots of SealRecipe: Boots of Seal
x8Recipe: Reinforced Mithril GlovesRecipe: Reinforced Mithril Gloves
x8Recipe: Chain GlovesRecipe: Chain Gloves
x8Recipe: Karmian GlovesRecipe: Karmian Gloves
x1Recipe: Chain ShieldRecipe: Chain Shield
x8Recipe: Plated Leather GlovesRecipe: Plated Leather Gloves
x1Recipe: Dwarven Chain ShieldRecipe: Dwarven Chain Shield
x10Recipe: Rind Leather BootsRecipe: Rind Leather Boots
x10Recipe: Dwarven Chain GlovesRecipe: Dwarven Chain Gloves
x10Recipe: Gloves of SealRecipe: Gloves of Seal
x10Recipe: Rind Leather GlovesRecipe: Rind Leather Gloves
x16Recipe: Demon's BootsRecipe: Demon's Boots
x16Recipe: Demon's GlovesRecipe: Demon's Gloves
x18Recipe: Theca Leather BootsRecipe: Theca Leather Boots
x18Recipe: Theca Leather GlovesRecipe: Theca Leather Gloves
x16Recipe: Composite BootsRecipe: Composite Boots
x14Recipe: Composite HelmetRecipe: Composite Helmet
x24Recipe: Divine BootsRecipe: Divine Boots
x26Recipe: Full Plate HelmetRecipe: Full Plate Helmet
x24Recipe: Drake Leather BootsRecipe: Drake Leather Boots
x24Recipe: Full Plate BootsRecipe: Full Plate Boots
x24Recipe: Drake Leather GlovesRecipe: Drake Leather Gloves
x24Recipe: Full Plate GauntletsRecipe: Full Plate Gauntlets
x24Recipe: Divine GlovesRecipe: Divine Gloves
x24Recipe: Blessed GlovesRecipe: Blessed Gloves
x3Recipe: Full Plate ShieldRecipe: Full Plate Shield
x2Recipe: Composite ShieldRecipe: Composite Shield
x32Recipe: Implosion Boots (60%)Recipe: Implosion Boots (60%)
x48Recipe: Implosion BootsRecipe: Implosion Boots
x16Recipe: Boots of Silence (60%)Recipe: Boots of Silence (60%)
x24Recipe: Boots of SilenceRecipe: Boots of Silence
x16Recipe: Guardian's Boots (60%)Recipe: Guardian's Boots (60%)
x24Recipe: Guardian's BootsRecipe: Guardian's Boots
x32Recipe: Paradia Boots (60%)Recipe: Paradia Boots (60%)
x48Recipe: Paradia BootsRecipe: Paradia Boots
x32Recipe: Elemental Boots (60%)Recipe: Elemental Boots (60%)
x48Recipe: Elemental BootsRecipe: Elemental Boots
x32Recipe: Boots of Grace (60%)Recipe: Boots of Grace (60%)
x48Recipe: Boots of GraceRecipe: Boots of Grace
x40Recipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt (60%)
x58Recipe: Zubei's Leather ShirtRecipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt
x20Recipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters (60%)
x29Recipe: Zubei's Leather GaitersRecipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters
x65Recipe: Avadon Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Avadon Leather Armor (60%)
x96Recipe: Avadon Leather ArmorRecipe: Avadon Leather Armor
x40Recipe: Tunic of Zubei (60%)Recipe: Tunic of Zubei (60%)
x58Recipe: Tunic of ZubeiRecipe: Tunic of Zubei
x20Recipe: Stockings of Zubei (60%)Recipe: Stockings of Zubei (60%)
x29Recipe: Stockings of ZubeiRecipe: Stockings of Zubei
x65Recipe: Avadon Robe (60%)Recipe: Avadon Robe (60%)
x96Recipe: Avadon RobeRecipe: Avadon Robe
x20Recipe: Avadon Circlet (60%)Recipe: Avadon Circlet (60%)
x40Recipe: Avadon CircletRecipe: Avadon Circlet
x16Recipe: Avadon Gloves (60%)Recipe: Avadon Gloves (60%)
x24Recipe: Avadon GlovesRecipe: Avadon Gloves
x16Recipe: Chain Gloves of Silence (60%)Recipe: Chain Gloves of Silence (60%)
x32Recipe: Chain Gloves of SilenceRecipe: Chain Gloves of Silence
x16Recipe: Guardian's Gloves (60%)Recipe: Guardian's Gloves (60%)
x32Recipe: Guardian's GlovesRecipe: Guardian's Gloves
x16Recipe: Gloves of Blessing (60%)Recipe: Gloves of Blessing (60%)
x32Recipe: Gloves of BlessingRecipe: Gloves of Blessing
x3Recipe: Doom Shield (60%)Recipe: Doom Shield (60%)
x3Recipe: Doom ShieldRecipe: Doom Shield
x16Recipe: Boots of Blessing (60%)Recipe: Boots of Blessing (60%)
x24Recipe: Boots of BlessingRecipe: Boots of Blessing
x100Recipe: Blue Wolf Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Leather Armor (60%)
x140Recipe: Blue Wolf Leather ArmorRecipe: Blue Wolf Leather Armor
x100Recipe: Leather Armor of Doom (60%)Recipe: Leather Armor of Doom (60%)
x140Recipe: Leather Armor of DoomRecipe: Leather Armor of Doom
x64Recipe: Blue Wolf Tunic (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Tunic (60%)
x88Recipe: Blue Wolf TunicRecipe: Blue Wolf Tunic
x64Recipe: Tunic of Doom (60%)Recipe: Tunic of Doom (60%)
x88Recipe: Tunic of DoomRecipe: Tunic of Doom
x30Recipe: Blue Wolf Stockings (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Stockings (60%)
x41Recipe: Blue Wolf StockingsRecipe: Blue Wolf Stockings
x30Recipe: Stockings of Doom (60%)Recipe: Stockings of Doom (60%)
x41Recipe: Stockings of DoomRecipe: Stockings of Doom
x40Recipe: Blue Wolf Helmet (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Helmet (60%)
x50Recipe: Blue Wolf HelmetRecipe: Blue Wolf Helmet
x40Recipe: Doom Helmet (60%)Recipe: Doom Helmet (60%)
x50Recipe: Doom HelmetRecipe: Doom Helmet
x32Recipe: Blue Wolf Boots (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Boots (60%)
x48Recipe: Blue Wolf BootsRecipe: Blue Wolf Boots
x32Recipe: Doom Gloves (60%)Recipe: Doom Gloves (60%)
x48Recipe: Doom GlovesRecipe: Doom Gloves
x32Recipe: Elemental Gloves (60%)Recipe: Elemental Gloves (60%)
x48Recipe: Elemental GlovesRecipe: Elemental Gloves
x32Recipe: Gloves of Grace (60%)Recipe: Gloves of Grace (60%)
x48Recipe: Gloves of GraceRecipe: Gloves of Grace
x32Recipe: Implosion Gauntlets (60%)Recipe: Implosion Gauntlets (60%)
x48Recipe: Implosion GauntletsRecipe: Implosion Gauntlets
x32Recipe: Paradia Gloves (60%)Recipe: Paradia Gloves (60%)
x48Recipe: Paradia GlovesRecipe: Paradia Gloves
x32Recipe: Blue Wolf Gloves (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Gloves (60%)
x48Recipe: Blue Wolf GlovesRecipe: Blue Wolf Gloves
x16Recipe: Zubei's Boots (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Boots (60%)
x24Recipe: Zubei's BootsRecipe: Zubei's Boots
x16Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)
x24Recipe: Avadon BootsRecipe: Avadon Boots
x32Recipe: Doom Boots (60%)Recipe: Doom Boots (60%)
x48Recipe: Doom BootsRecipe: Doom Boots
x16Recipe: Zubei's Gauntlets (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Gauntlets (60%)
x24Recipe: Zubei's GauntletsRecipe: Zubei's Gauntlets
x2Recipe: Zubei's Shield (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Shield (60%)
x4Recipe: Zubei's Shield (100%)Recipe: Zubei's Shield (100%)
x20Recipe: Zubei's Helmet (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Helmet (60%)
x40Recipe: Zubei's HelmetRecipe: Zubei's Helmet
x3Recipe: Avadon Shield (60%)Recipe: Avadon Shield (60%)
x4Recipe: Avadon ShieldRecipe: Avadon Shield
x100Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(60%)
x180Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor(100%)
x132Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(60%)
x260Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor(100%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(60%)
x400Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(100%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(60%)
x400Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(100%)
x60Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(60%)
x100Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings(100%)
x100Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(60%)
x180Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(100%)
x140Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(60%)
x210Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(100%)
x204Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(60%)
x400Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(100%)
x204Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%)
x400Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(100%)
x60Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(60%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings(100%)
x4Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Shield(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Shield(60%)
x6Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Shield(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Shield(100%)
x7Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(60%)
x11Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(100%)
x25Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(100%)
x25Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(100%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(60%)
x50Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(100%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(60%)
x50Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(100%)
x25Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(100%)
x25Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(100%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(60%)
x50Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(100%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(60%)
x50Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(100%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet(60%)
x90Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet(100%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Tallum Helmet(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Helmet(60%)
x90Recipe: Sealed Tallum Helmet(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Helmet(100%)
x80Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(60%)
x160Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(100%)
x80Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (60%)
x160Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (100%)
x560Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Helmet (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Helmet (60%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Gauntlet (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Gauntlet (60%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Boots (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Boots (60%)
x770Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Armor (60%)
x470Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Leggings (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Leggings (60%)
x560Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Helmet (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Helmet (60%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Gloves (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Gloves (60%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Boots (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Leather Boots (60%)
x770Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Tunic (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Tunic (60%)
x470Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Stockings (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Stockings (60%)
x560Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Circlet (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Circlet (60%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Gloves (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Gloves (60%)
x220Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Shoes (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Shoes (60%)
x40Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Shield (60%)Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Shield (60%)

* Resurrected Temple Knight78[2-3]1.6%
Spelunking Spider4721/483
* Seal Archangel7514.4%
* Zaken's Elite Guard5013.5%
* Triol's High Priest7813.4%
Pilgrim of Light7813.4%
* Triol's High Priest7812.9%
* Dancer of Empire7812.7%
Dancer of Empire7812.5%
* Scarlet Stakato Noble7912.4%
* Lavasaurus7812.4%
* Ketra Commander7812.4%
Guardian of the Holy Land7812.4%
* Ketra Prophet7812.3%
* Triol's Believer7812.3%
* Spiked Stakato Guard7412.3%
Nephilim Praetorian7212.1%
Lilim Knight Banneret7212.1%
* Assassin Beetle7812%
* Necromancer of Destruction8012%
Guardian Scarab7811.9%
* Grendel Slave7411.9%
Messenger Invader Disciple8011.8%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6511.7%
* Sepulcher Preacher7211.6%
Guardian Scarab7811.6%
* Varka Silenos General7811.5%
* Ketra Orc Lieutenant7811.5%
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5011.5%
* Varka's Head Magus7811.5%
* Spiked Stakato Nurse7911.5%
* Ketra Orc Raider7811.5%
* Varka Silenos Officer7811.4%
* Messenger Invader Archer8011.4%
* Ketra's War Hound7711.3%
Old Aristocrat's Soldier7811.3%
* Hallate's Knight6511.3%
* Dark Omen Invader Berserker7511.3%
* Malruk Knight6611.2%
* Sepulcher Guardian6511.1%
* Purgatory Liviona7111.1%
* Ketra Orc General7811.1%
* Alpen Cougar6911.1%
* Hot Springs Atroxspawn7411.1%
Crypt Guard7011.1%
Bloody Keeper7411.1%
Messenger Invader Priest8011%
* Binder7311%
* Grazing Nepenthes7811/102
Crimson Doll Blader5311/102
* Zaken's Elite Pikeman4311/103
* Alpen Kookaburra6511/112
* Alpen Kookaburra6511/112
Forbidden Path Invader Martyrs6011/119
Lesser Giant Soldier6211/126
Dimension Invader Soldier4011/126
* Requiem Priest7111/132
* Garden Guard Leader5011/133
* Tomb Archon5511/135
* Purgatory Serpent5611/143
Purgatory Invader Disciples5311/143
Vassal Ghost7711/147
* Sairon5411/149
* Hames Orc Overlord7511/154
* Malruk Soldier6311/155
Dimension Invader Martyrs4011/155
* Cave Beast6111/157
* Nos Lad4511/159
Treasure Chest8111/174
Wailing of Splendor6711/176
Bone Animator6811/183
Crown of Splendor6611/193
Bone Collector6711/206
Past Creature7611/208
* Giant's Shadow7911/211
Blade of Splendor6111/216
Theeder Mage4911/246
Spiteful Soul Fighter6211/259
* Kranrot5911/263
* Unpleasant Humming4611/267
* Doom Archer6211/270
* Soul of Splendor6311/273
* Judge of Marsh6511/277
Timak Orc Troop Archer4111/282
Blade Stakato Worker4211/306
Dark Omen Invader Food7011/317
Harit Lizardman Grunt5111/374
* Unpleasant Humming4611/378
Cave Ant Larva3611/386
* Forest of Mirrors Ghost4611/390
Doom Guard6111/396
Treasure Chest6011/403
Harit Lizardman Warrior5311/434
Frozen Wasteland Werewolf3811/458
* Forest of Mirrors Ghost4811/492
* Alligator4011/498
* Unpleasant Humming4611/514
Tanor Silenos Scout4411/524
* Deprive5011/573
* Tyrant Kingpin3611/592
* Oel Mahum5311/620
Pobby's Maid5311/746

Leader of Offering80291.3%
Executor of Sacrificial Offerings80288.9%
* Elder Lavasaurus78264.3%
* Ketra's Head Shaman78230.6%
* Messenger Invader Magus80229.8%
* Grazing Flava78225.9%
Hot Springs Grendel76223.8%
* Erin Ediunce66223.4%
Hot Springs Yeti75223%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier65218.8%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier45218.5%
Sepulcher Guardian60217.9%
* Scavenger Ant74213.5%
Grave Scarab73212.3%
* Shout of Splendor65210.8%
* Black Shadow7429.4%
* Snipe4427.7%
Alpen Kookaburra6527.3%
Tarlk Bugbear High Warrior4924.8%
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8022.8%
* Pachycephalosaurus80164%
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier80161.1%
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier73150%
* Bloody Knight73146.5%
* Platinum Tribe Overlord71143.8%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier63136.3%
* Alpen Buffalo67132.6%
Ghost of a Gatekeeper76131.8%
* Hallate's Maid66123.6%
* Triol's Priest78122.2%
Ritual Sacrifice78122.2%
* Triol's Priest78122.2%
Ritual Sacrifice78122.2%
* Triol's Priest78122.2%
Alpen Buffalo6719.2%
Fline Elder5118.1%
* Grave Keeper Dark Horror4018%
* Leto Lizardman Overlord4015.1%
Divine Advocate7815%
* Hatu Windsus4011.8%

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