Leather Leather
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 900
Material liquid

x1Recipe: LeatherRecipe: Leather

Used in Recipes:
x4Recipe: Crafted LeatherRecipe: Crafted Leather
x8Recipe: Leather BootsRecipe: Leather Boots
x15Recipe: Bone HelmetRecipe: Bone Helmet
x20Recipe: Dark StockingsRecipe: Dark Stockings
x8Recipe: Crafted Leather GlovesRecipe: Crafted Leather Gloves
x40Recipe: White TunicRecipe: White Tunic
x16Recipe: Iron BootsRecipe: Iron Boots
x84Recipe: Manticore Skin ShirtRecipe: Manticore Skin Shirt
x45Recipe: Manticore Skin GaitersRecipe: Manticore Skin Gaiters
x84Recipe: Mithril TunicRecipe: Mithril Tunic
x45Recipe: Mithril StockingsRecipe: Mithril Stockings
x24Recipe: RIP GauntletsRecipe: RIP Gauntlets
x4Recipe: Kite ShieldRecipe: Kite Shield
x24Recipe: Boots of PowerRecipe: Boots of Power
x32Recipe: Mithril GlovesRecipe: Mithril Gloves
x140Recipe: Salamander Skin MailRecipe: Salamander Skin Mail
x140Recipe: Sage's RagRecipe: Sage's Rag
x60Recipe: Chain HelmetRecipe: Chain Helmet
x5Recipe: Square ShieldRecipe: Square Shield
x32Recipe: Assault BootsRecipe: Assault Boots
x32Recipe: Ogre Power GauntletsRecipe: Ogre Power Gauntlets
x84Recipe: Elven Mithril TunicRecipe: Elven Mithril Tunic
x45Recipe: Elven Mithril StockingsRecipe: Elven Mithril Stockings
x20Recipe: Brigandine HelmetRecipe: Brigandine Helmet
x24Recipe: Manticore Skin BootsRecipe: Manticore Skin Boots
x24Recipe: Brigandine BootsRecipe: Brigandine Boots
x24Recipe: Elven Mithril BootsRecipe: Elven Mithril Boots
x24Recipe: Manticore Skin GlovesRecipe: Manticore Skin Gloves
x24Recipe: Brigandine GauntletsRecipe: Brigandine Gauntlets
x24Recipe: Elven Mithril GlovesRecipe: Elven Mithril Gloves
x4Recipe: Brigandine ShieldRecipe: Brigandine Shield
x60Recipe: Plate HelmetRecipe: Plate Helmet
x32Recipe: Salamander Skin BootsRecipe: Salamander Skin Boots
x32Recipe: Plate BootsRecipe: Plate Boots
x32Recipe: Sage's Worn GlovesRecipe: Sage's Worn Gloves
x5Recipe: Plate ShieldRecipe: Plate Shield

Leader of Offering80[3-9]4.7%
* Bandit Hound31[2-3]1.2%
* Triol's High Priest78120%
* Dancer of Empire78116.9%
* Spiked Stakato Nurse79116.7%
Dancer of Empire78116%
* Scarlet Stakato Noble79115.3%
* Ketra Prophet78114.5%
* Assassin Beetle78113%
* Necromancer of Destruction80112.4%
Guardian Scarab78112.3%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier65110.7%
Guardian Scarab78110%
* Ketra's Head Shaman7819.5%
* Messenger Invader Magus8019.3%
* Messenger Invader Archer8018.6%
* Grazing Flava7818.1%
* Hallate's Knight6518%
* Dark Omen Invader Berserker7517.9%
Hot Springs Grendel7617.4%
Hot Springs Yeti7517.2%
* Sepulcher Guardian6517.1%
* Ketra Orc General7816.9%
* Alpen Cougar6916.7%
* Hot Springs Atroxspawn7416.7%
Crypt Guard7016.7%
Bloody Keeper7416.7%
* Binder7316.4%
* Erin Ediunce6616.3%
* Grazing Nepenthes7816.2%
* Zaken's Elite Pikeman4316.2%
* Alpen Kookaburra6515.7%
* Alpen Kookaburra6515.7%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6515%
Dimension Invader Soldier4015%
* Requiem Priest7114.8%
* Tomb Archon5514.7%
Purgatory Invader Disciples5314.4%
Vassal Ghost7714.3%
* Hames Orc Overlord7514.1%
* Malruk Soldier6314.1%
Dimension Invader Martyrs4014.1%
Barrow Sentinel3013.9%
Bone Animator6813.5%
* Shout of Splendor6513.4%
Grave Scarab7313.3%
Lith Witch2413.2%
Gigant Acolyte2413.2%
Bone Collector6713.1%
Past Creature7613%
* Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3513%
* Signet of Splendor6612.9%
Punishment of Splendor6412.8%
Bone Snatcher6612.8%
Bone Snatcher6612.8%
Spiteful Soul Fighter6212.4%
* Kranrot5912.4%
* Crokian Warrior3812.4%
* Unpleasant Humming4612.4%
Delu Lizardman Commander3512.4%
* Doom Archer6212.3%
* Soul of Splendor6312.3%
Fire Archer2912.3%
* Judge of Marsh6512.3%
Timak Orc Troop Archer4112.2%
* Nos4012.1%
* Gigantiops3512.1%
Blade Stakato Worker4212.1%
Dark Omen Invader Food7012%
Alpen Kookaburra6511.9%
Ol Mahum Marksman2811.9%
Monster Eye Searcher2211.8%
* Noble Ant Leader3811.7%
Harit Lizardman Grunt5111.7%
* Unpleasant Humming4611.7%
Cave Ant Larva3611.6%
* Forest of Mirrors Ghost4611.6%
Frozen Wasteland Werewolf3811.6%
Treasure Chest6011.6%
Tarlk Bugbear High Warrior4911.5%
Turek Orc Footman2611.4%
Turek Orc Archer2711.3%
* Forest of Mirrors Ghost4811.3%
* Unpleasant Humming4611.2%
Tanor Silenos Scout4411.2%
* Kasha Imp Turen2211.2%
Grim Wolf2511.1%
Grave Robber Ranger2811.1%
* Resurrected Temple Knight7811.1%
Treasure Chest3011.1%
* Deprive5011.1%
* Oel Mahum5311%
Delu Lizardman Supplier3211%
* Wyrm3511%
* Talakin3011%
Ghost of a Soldier2911/103
* Horror Mist Ripper2711/103
Bloody Bee2311/111
Ol Mahum Shooter2411/111
* Skeleton Axeman2811/117
Pobby's Maid5311/118
* Turek Orc Elder3411/119
Grave Robber Fighter3011/120
Crystalline Beast1811/122
Ant Patrol3411/123
Stink Zombie1911/125
* Skeleton Raider3011/128
Otherworldly Invader Food3011/130
Ruin Spartoi2111/134
* Underground Werewolf2311/141
Sorrow Maiden2711/147
* Tracker Skeleton Leader1811/147
* Dre Vanul2011/151
Wasp Worker3511/155
* Mandragora Blossom2511/157
* King of the Araneid2711/192
* Maille Lizardman Matriarch3011/228
* Maille Lizardman Guard2411/249

* Zaken's Elite Guard50[4-10]83.1%
* Alligator40217.2%
* Tyrant Kingpin36214.1%
Amber Basilisk30211.7%
Dead Pit Horror2827.5%
Dion Grizzly2025.9%
* Ghost2025.1%
Warlike Tyrant35116.1%
* Breka Orc Warrior33114.2%
Leto Lizardman Archer36114.2%
Breka Orc31110.4%
* Lycanthrope2016.1%

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