Stone of Purity

Stone of Purity Stone of Purity
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 3000
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x1Recipe: Varnish of PurityRecipe: Varnish of Purity

Dark Spider42[2-4]1/1186
Monastic Pilgrim7824.5%
* Spiked Stakato7223.6%
* Cannibalistic Stakato Leader7523.6%
* Spiked Stakato Soldier7623%
* Spelunking Ant5021/335
Ritual Sacrifice7815.9%
* Ashuras of Destruction7815.8%
* Guardian Angel7215.6%
* Iblis of Destruction7815.5%
* Ashuras of Destruction8015.3%
* Magma Drake8014.9%
* Triol's Believer7814.2%
* Disciples of Protection7414.1%
* Triol's Priest7813.7%
* Cannibalistic Stakato Follower7413.6%
* Arimanes of Destruction8013.5%
* Judge of Light7813.4%
* Purgatory Invader Warrior5313%
* Platinum Guardian Warrior7212.9%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4512.7%
Nephilim Scout6612.6%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6012.6%
Forgotten Victim7812.6%
* Canyon Bandersnatch7012.4%
* Dark Omen Invader Soldier7512.4%
* Varka Silenos Priest7812.4%
* Platinum Guardian Archer7112.3%
* Messenger Invader Soldier8012.3%
* Varka Silenos Recruit7712.3%
Lilim Assassin6612.2%
* Spiked Stakato Worker7312.2%
* Buffalo Slave7212.2%
Dark Omen Invader Disciple7312.1%
* Homunculus7312.1%
* Otherworldly Invader Warrior3312.1%
* Power Angel Amon7512%
Amon's Captain of the Guards7411.9%
* Alpen Buffalo6711.9%
* Platinum Tribe Archer6811.6%
Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6011.6%
Nephilim Bishop6011.6%
Dark Omen Invader Martyrs7011.6%
Purgatory Invader Soldier5011.6%
Pytan Knight6811.6%
Nephilim Guard5711.6%
Zaken's Elite Archer4411.6%
* Alpen Buffalo6711.6%
* Dimension Invader Archer4311.5%
* Purgatory Shadow6111.5%
* Guardian of the Grail7811.5%
* Swamp Tribe4511.5%
Lilim Priest6011.5%
* Purgatory Invader Archer5311.4%
* Corrupt Sage6411.4%
Crypt Archon5011.4%
Lilim Marauder5711.4%
Forbidden Path Invader Disciple6311.3%
* Tomb Inquisitor5711.3%
* Dimension Invader Soldier4011.3%
* Bone Puppeteer7111.2%
* Barrow Priest4211.2%
Beast Seer5911.2%
* Requiem Lord6811.2%
Sairon's Puppet5311.1%
* Sepulcher Inquisitor5211.1%
Vampire Warrior7211.1%
Bathin's Wizard6211%
* Catacomb Shadow3411/102
* Catacomb Serpent2811/105
Forbidden Path Invader Priest6011/110
* Vault Seer2711/116
* Dragon Bearer Chief4911/118
* Ghost of Betrayer6911/118
Slaughter Executioner6511/119
* Crokian Lad Warrior4311/120
Slaughter Executioner6511/122
* Doom Knight6511/122
* Zaken's Pikeman4311/123
Dimension Invader Priest4011/123
Oel Mahum Witch Doctor5511/126
* Alpen Grendel6811/128
* Cave Ant3711/131
* Taik Orc Captain4411/132
* Splinter Stakato6611/133
Otherworldly Invader Martyrs3011/133
Doom Trooper6311/133
Alpen Buffalo6711/135
* Lord of the Plains4011/138
Kaim Vanul5111/140
* Lava Wyrm7011/144
* Otherworldly Invader Magus3511/146
Eva's Seeker4711/147
* Sacrificed Man6711/149
* Raider of Pastureland6311/151
Shaman of the Plains3911/154
Timak Orc Troop Leader4511/162
* Perum4811/163
Timak Orc Troop Shaman4411/168
* Yintzu5611/171
Ursus Cub6111/173
* Zaken's Pikeman4311/174
* Falibati6411/176
* Raider of Pastureland6311/180
* Catherok4211/181
Shaman of Ancient Times7511/187
Bloody Priest6611/188
* Ancient Gargoyle5611/194
Ol Mahum Guerilla2611/195
* Cave Servant Captain4911/196
Malruk Succubus5511/196
* Roxide3211/197
* Bandersnatch6911/198
* Bandersnatch6911/198
* Bandersnatch6911/198
Death Agent6811/199
Kaim Vanul5111/199
Kanil Succubus3211/203
* Rowin Undine3311/203
* Zaken's Watchman4511/204
Vanor Silenos Shaman4911/208
* Doom Scout5611/208
Treasure Chest5411/212
Breka Orc Archer3211/214
Hunter Gargoyle5211/215
Grim Grizzly2611/215
Grave Robber Lookout2711/224
Turek Orc Supplier2711/224
* Bandit Inspector3711/227
Lost Yeti6211/235
* Zaken's Pikeman4311/236
* Kronbe Spider4311/236
Young Gigantiops3111/237
Treasure Chest4511/240
* Cruel Vice Golem4911/241
Formor Elder4611/243
Turek Orc Shaman2911/244
* Lesser Warlike Tyrant3311/255
* Soul of Ruins5411/257
Dustwind Gargoyle5311/257
* Bandit Assassin3511/258
* Ritmal Swordsman2911/258
* Turek Orc Warlord3011/263
Kaim Vanul5111/270
Harit Lizardman5011/274
Rotting tree4311/275
* Patin Archer2911/276
* Bandersnatch6911/281
Lakin Undine3011/285
* Zaken's Watchman4511/289
* Probe Golem Prodigy IV4611/290
Road Scavenger3711/311
Marsh Stakato Soldier3311/321
Snow Lynx3311/332
Leto Lizardman3511/336
Talakin Raider2711/336
* Lesser Basilisk2711/344
* Cursed Seer3411/348
* Ol Mahum General2611/356
Leto Lizardman Shaman3911/360
Tasaba Lizardman3611/377
Enchanted Spine Golem2511/382
Delu Lizardman Shaman3511/384
* Zaken's Seer4511/392
Breka Orc Shaman3411/405
Roughly Hewn Rock Golem3111/409
Noble Ant3711/426
* Specter2611/427
* Dead Pit Spartoi2611/427
* Lienrik Lad4011/437
* Singing Wind2911/445
Ghost of a Loyal Vassal3111/457
Giant Mist Leech2511/459
Ant Recruit3311/466
* Hangman Tree3511/470
Hatu Onyx Beast3611/489
Varangka's Succubus4911/508
Delu Lizardman Scout2911/524
Tasaba Lizardman3611/555
* Lienrik Lad4011/660
Maille Lizardman Shaman2811/671
Hatu Dire Wolf3211/824
* Hatu Weird Bee3011/884
Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3511/1567

* Messenger Invader Warrior80[2-4]64.7%
* Necromancer of Destruction78[2-4]48.9%
* Disciples of Punishment75294.6%
* Disciples of Punishment75290.7%
* Scarlet Stakato Walker78282%
* Varka Silenos Medium78267.7%
Prophet's Aide78261.4%
* Sepulcher Preacher77259.7%
* Malruk Berserker67256%
* Eye of Watchman73249%
* Varka Silenos Scout78246.1%
* Ghastly Warrior61231.8%
* Archer of Despair61231.4%
Splinter Stakato Drone70228.8%
Barif's Pet61228.2%
* Splinter Stakato Drone69224.7%
* Judge of Splendor67224.6%
* Bone Shaper66221.6%
Soldier of Darkness49220.4%
* Splinter Stakato Soldier68219%
Lith Shaman42217.1%
Gigant Confessor42217.1%
Treasure Chest75215.6%
Alpen Buffalo67214.7%
* Alpen Bandersnatch64213.6%
Zaken's Archer44212.6%
* Vault Sentinel35212.3%
Pirate Zombie44211.4%
* Grendel71210.9%
* Grendel71210.9%
* Grendel71210.9%
* Catacomb Scavenger Bat3129.3%
* Otherworldly Invader Archer3329.1%
Zaken's Archer4428.9%
* Ant Warrior Captain3628.7%
* Grendel7127.7%
Zaken's Archer4426.6%
Nightmare Keeper4525.1%
Sentinel Of Water3124.9%
Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7524%
Heathen Archer6723.8%
Tanor Silenos4023.7%
* Cloudy Beast Turen2522.4%
Tasaba Lizardman Shaman3722%
Poison Araneid2521.2%
Nephilim Cardinal78168.5%
* Deinonychus80168%
* Wild Strider80163%
Lilim Great Mystic78162.9%
* Deinonychus80162%
* Wild Strider80162%
* Pytan69145.2%
* Alpen Kookaburra65133.1%
* Barif64129.2%
Cursed Guardian73121.2%
* Dark Lord50118.7%
Alpen Kookaburra65116.4%
* Liele Elder52116.3%
Huge Footmark70112.2%
Timak Orc Shaman4416.1%
* Monastery Guardian7815%
* Kasha Dire Wolf2312.1%
Green Fungus911/101
Vaiss Orc1011/101

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