Thread Thread
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 100
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x12Recipe: Leather TunicRecipe: Leather Tunic
x12Recipe: Leather StockingsRecipe: Leather Stockings
x25Recipe: CordRecipe: Cord
x5Recipe: Compound BraidRecipe: Compound Braid
x55Recipe: Hard Leather ShirtRecipe: Hard Leather Shirt
x55Recipe: Hard Leather GaitersRecipe: Hard Leather Gaiters
x10Recipe: Metallic Thread(100%)Recipe: Metallic Thread(100%)
x20Recipe: Warsmith's Holder(100%)Recipe: Warsmith's Holder(100%)

* Abraxion78[32-96]2.4%
* Seal Angel73[15-45]7.9%
Chakram Beetle80[15-45]6.9%
* Blazing Ifrit78[15-45]6.7%
Jamadar Beetle79[15-45]6.7%
* Ashkenas78[15-45]6.5%
Divine Advocate78[15-45]4.8%
* Knight of Empire78[15-45]4.5%
* Ashuras78[15-45]4.4%
* Arimanes of Destruction78[15-45]4.2%
* Ashuras78[15-45]4.2%
* Bloody Lord75[15-45]3.9%
Hexa Beetle78[15-45]3.8%
* Triol's High Priest78[16-44]2.6%
* Knight of Destruction78[12-36]5.5%
* Tepra Scorpion78[12-36]4.4%
Ketra's Head Guard78[12-36]3%
* Ketra Orc White Captain78[12-36]2.8%
Ritual Sacrifice78[14-35]5.6%
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier80[10-30]9.3%
* Balrog of Destruction78[10-30]8.3%
* Messenger Angel70[10-30]7.2%
* Grazing Windsus78[10-30]3.3%
* Triol's Priest78[10-28]5%
* Ustralith78[4-12]17.9%
Ritual Sacrifice78[4-12]16.6%
* Lavastone Golem78[4-12]14.6%
* Hasturan78[4-12]14.2%
* Ustralith78[4-12]13.8%
* Hasturan78[4-12]13.6%
* Abraxion78[4-12]13.2%
* Scarlet Stakato Soldier78[4-12]12.7%
Ritual Sacrifice78[4-12]12.5%
* Varka's Commander78[4-12]11.8%
* Messenger Invader Berserker80[4-12]10%
* Varka Silenos Seer78[4-12]9.9%
Gaze of Nightmare72[4-12]9.6%
* Messenger Invader Warrior80[4-12]8.5%
Ritual Sacrifice78[4-12]8.3%
* Temple Guard78[4-12]8.3%
Nephilim Archbishop69[4-12]8.3%
* Crypt Preacher72[4-12]8.2%
Lilim Soldier69[4-12]7.6%
* Grazing Bandersnatch78[4-12]7.4%
Dark Omen Invader Soldier70[4-12]7.4%
* Ketra Orc Warrior78[4-12]6.9%
* Ketra Orc Footman77[4-12]6.8%
Hot Springs Antelope74[4-12]6.7%
Hot Springs Buffalo73[4-12]6.5%
* Purgatory Tarantula64[4-12]6.5%
* Varka Silenos Hunter78[4-12]6.3%
* Ketra Orc Scout78[4-12]6.3%
Bloody Mystic74[4-12]6.3%
* Alpen Cougar69[4-12]6.2%
Ritual Offering78[4-12]1.3%
Spiked Stakato Nurse79[5-11]12%
* Temple Guard Captain78[4-11]7.7%
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier75[3-9]25.5%
Cannibalistic Stakato Leader75[3-9]25%
* Scarlet Stakato Noble78[3-9]24.3%
* Mercenary of Destruction78[3-9]24.2%
* Royal Guard of Empire78[3-9]23.7%
* Disciples of Authority76[3-9]23%
* Disciples of Authority76[3-9]21.2%
* Royal Guard of Empire78[3-9]21.2%
* Triol's High Priest78[3-9]20%
* Triol's Priest78[3-9]20%
* Triol's Priest78[3-9]20%
* Katraxis78[3-9]19.9%
Imperial Royal Guard78[3-9]18.2%
Imperial Royal Guard78[3-9]17.9%
* Karik70[3-9]17.6%
Sly Hound Dog72[3-9]17.4%
* Katraxis78[3-9]17.2%
* Elder Homunculus75[3-9]16.8%
* Hexa Beetle78[3-9]16.7%
Solina Brother78[3-9]16.6%
Silent Seeker78[3-9]16.6%
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier55[3-9]16.3%
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier55[3-9]16%
Messenger Invader Soldier80[3-9]15.4%
* Varka Silenos Great Seer78[3-9]15.3%
* Platinum Guardian Chief75[3-9]15.2%
Prophet's Guard78[3-9]14.9%
Prophet Guard78[3-9]14.9%
* Knight of Empire78[3-9]14.4%
* Triol's Priest78[3-9]14.3%
* Triol's Priest78[3-9]14.3%
Varka's Head Guard78[3-9]14.2%
* Bloody Sniper71[3-9]13.4%
Emerald Boar82913.3%
* Platinum Guardian Shaman73[3-9]12.8%
* Grazing Elder Kookaburra78[3-9]12.7%
* Canyon Bandersnatch Slave71[3-9]12.3%
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier75[3-9]12%
* Hallate's Guardian69[3-9]11.7%
* Lesser Ancient Scout74[3-9]11.5%
* Platinum Tribe Warrior69[3-9]11.5%
* Sepulcher Sage67[3-9]11.5%
* Hot Springs Atrox76[3-9]11.2%
* Triol's Believer78[3-9]11.1%
* Ketra Orc Elite Soldier78[3-9]11.1%
* Plando64[3-9]10.9%
* Ketra Orc Battalion Commander78[3-9]10.4%
* Zombie Captain's Spiritual Body52[3-9]9.1%
* Magus Valac70[3-9]9.1%
* Bandit Warrior36[2-4]16.6%
* Pytan69[1-3]28.6%
Gigantic Flyer47[1-3]25.1%
* Cave Howler65[1-3]25.1%
* Hallate's Maid66[1-3]24.8%
Lilim Knight Errant54[1-3]23.9%
Nephilim Swordsman54[1-3]23.9%
* Grave Overlord45[1-3]23.8%
Swamp Alligator44[1-3]23.6%
* Catacomb Gargoyle43[1-3]23.1%
* Grave Priest47[1-3]23.1%
* Dimension Invader Soldier45[1-3]22.8%
Dark Omen Invader Priest70[1-3]22.3%
Valac's Creature69[1-3]22.2%
Lith Commander45[1-3]22.1%
* Decayed Ancient Pikeman46[1-3]21.3%
* Fallen Orc Shaman59[1-3]21.2%
Elmoradan's Archer Escort64[1-3]21.2%
Vampire Warlord73[1-3]21%
* Sepulcher Archon55[1-3]21%
* Eye of Restrainer71[1-3]20.3%
* Dimension Invader Warrior43[1-3]20.2%
* Bloodthirsty Ginzu Golem II52[1-3]20%
Vampire Warlord73[1-3]19.7%
* Sepulcher Inquisitor57[1-3]19.7%
* Death Wave62[1-3]19.6%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier45[1-3]19.6%
* Dimension Invader Berserker45[1-3]19.4%
Gigant Commander45[1-3]19.3%
* Needle Stakato Drone73[1-3]19.3%
Conjurer Bat70[1-3]18.8%
* Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier35[1-3]18.7%
* Bone Grinder70[1-3]18.6%
* Purgatory Wisp53[1-3]18.5%
* Vampire Adept72[1-3]17.7%
* Dimension Invader Magus45[1-3]17.4%
Needle Stakato Drone74[1-3]16%
* Atrox69[1-3]15.2%
* Crimson Vale Master54[1-3]15.2%
Lilim Magus51[1-3]14.9%
* Skull Animator68[1-3]14.6%
Greater Musveren49[1-3]14.1%
* Barrow Monk32[1-3]13.5%
* Bloody Lady60[1-3]13.5%
Vampire Wizard73[1-3]13.4%
Vampire Wizard73[1-3]13.1%
* Dark Lord50[1-3]12.9%
Bone Caster71[1-3]12.9%
* Vampire Magician72[1-3]12.6%
Punishment of Splendor64[1-3]12.5%
Ghost of Guillotine70[1-3]12.2%
* Needle Stakato Soldier72[1-3]12%
Alpen Cougar69[1-3]11.8%
Alpen Cougar69[1-3]11.8%
Ghost of Guillotine70[1-3]11.8%
Lith Warrior27[1-3]11.1%
Muertos Captain15[2-3]9.1%
* Corrupted Guard64[1-3]8.8%
Corrupted Guard64[1-3]8.6%
* Light Bringer46[1-3]8.3%
Judge of Fire66[1-3]7.5%
* Flash of Splendor61[1-3]6.2%
Purgatory Invader Martyrs50138.3%
Bone Sweeper69134.5%
* Grave Keeper Spartoi29134.5%
Ghost of Rebellion Leader71133.8%
Shrine Guard75133.1%
* Skull Collector67130.8%
* Conjurer Bat Lord72130.6%
Frenzy Stakato Drone72130.4%
* Ghost of the Tower60129.8%
Hames Orc Footman71129.4%
* Wisdom of Splendor62129.4%
* Scavenger Scarab73129.2%
Snipe Cohort42128.7%
Vampire Warlord73127.9%
Warrior of Ancient Times75126.6%
Gigant Overseer27126.5%
* Cave Ant Soldier38126.4%
* Epic Cannon Golem53125%
Claws of Splendor60124.6%
Death Flyer47123.6%
* Pirate Zombie Captain52123.3%
Alpen Cougar69123.2%
* Tainted Ogre45122.6%
Treasure Chest78121.5%
* Bone Grinder70121%
Trampled Man65120.8%
Trampled Man65120.8%
Claws of Splendor60120.6%
Nonexistent Man78120.1%
Lost Buffalo60120%
* Hamrut58119.9%
* Krator44119%
Huge Footmark70118.1%
* Theeder Piker48117.2%
Warrior of the Plains38116.9%
Pronghorn Spirit56116.7%
Death Flyer47116.7%
* Pirate Zombie Captain52116.4%
Resurrected Knight63116%
Treasure Chest63115.7%
Karul Bugbear40115.4%
* Turak Bugbear Warrior33115.2%
Soldier of Grief51114.6%
Talakin Archer28114.5%
* Vanor Silenos Scout47114.5%
* Ol Mahum Van Leader34114.4%
Taik Orc Shaman43114.4%
Ol Mahum Sergeant29114.3%
Lost Watcher53114.3%
Ice Tarantula57114.3%
Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier70114.3%
Wretched Archer55114.2%
Doom Warrior64114.1%
* Grave Predator59114.1%
* Blade Stakato Warrior43113.9%
Pobby Escort55113.8%
Tamlin Orc Archer42113.5%
* Kasha Bugbear24113.4%
Treasure Chest48113.3%
* Marsh Stakato Drone35113.3%
* Weird Drake45113.2%
Ol Mahum Officer24113.1%
Taik Orc Archer41112.9%
* Ghost of a General32112.5%
Death Flyer47112.3%
* Pirate's Zombie Captain52112.1%
Leto Lizardman Archer36111.3%
Grave Wanderer45111.2%
Hatar Ratman Thief47111%
Underground Kobold24110.9%
Tarlk Basilisk50110.8%
Lafi Lizardman27110.5%
* Ol Mahum Captain25110.4%
* Harit Lizardman Archer52110.4%
Kasha Imp19110.3%
Breka Orc31110.3%
Trisalim Spider45110%
Sentinel Of Water31110%
Bloody Ghost6419.9%
* Baranka's Guard2219.9%
* Leto Lizardman Soldier3719.9%
Guardian Basilisk3619.8%
* Delu Lizardman Warrior3019.8%
Whispering Wind3019.7%
* Nightmare Lord4719.6%
Bugbear Raider1719.6%
Moonstone Beast1719.6%
* Marsh Spider3419.4%
Treasure Chest3319.3%
* Twink Puma1519.2%
* Harpy3219.2%
* Lesser Succubus2019%
Hunter Bear1418.8%
Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6018.7%
* Magical Eye3118.5%
Mandragora Sprout2118.4%
Northern Goblin2118.4%
* Dre Vanul Disposer2218.3%
Giant Crimson Ant2818.3%
* Nightmare Weaver2117.8%
* Quicksilver Beast1517.7%
* Doom Soldier1417.5%
Evil Eye Lookout1417.3%
* Dre Vanul Scout2117.1%
Greystone Golem1317.1%
Kasha Fang Spider1617%
Sobbing Wind2616.9%
Gemstone Beast1216.8%
* Iron Ore Golem2916.6%
Sukar Wererat1816.2%
Ol Mahum Van Grunt3016%
* Cave Fang Spider1616%
Kerope Werewolf2015.3%
Evil Eye1015.3%
Balor Orc Archer815.1%
Utuku Orc Archer815.1%
Boogle Ratman Leader1815%
* Heathen Warrior6515%
Scarlet Salamander1714.4%
* Wasp Leader3714.4%
* Heathen Executed6614.4%
* Andreas' Captain of the Royal Guard7814.3%
* Arachnid Tracker1914.3%
Scavenger Wererat1814.3%
* Chapel Guard7814.2%
Kaboo Orc Archer813.8%
Evil Eye Patroller1413.8%
* Skeleton1213.5%
Goblin Thief1013%
Ore Bat1713%
Garum Werewolf912.9%
Elder Wolf512.9%
Kasha Wolf412.7%
Goblin Scout812.5%
Green Dryad812.5%
Rakeclaw Imp612.3%
Gray Wolf412%
Goblin Grave Robber512%
Brown Keltir211.2%
Young Brown Keltir111.1%
Young Prairie Keltir111.1%
Longtail Keltir211/108
Young Keltir111/152
Pilgrim of Light7811/200
Grey Elpy111/251

* Hallowed Priest42[2-14]83.2%
Roving Soul53[2-8]81.2%
Dustwind Gargoyle53[1-7]79.1%
Lith Scout21[2-6]88.7%
Leto Lizardman Warrior38[2-6]85.3%
* Noble Ant Leader38[1-5]79.9%
Harit Lizardman50[1-5]79.3%
* Tanor Silenos Warrior46[2-4]89.8%
Gigant Slave21[2-4]88.7%
* Tasaba Lizardman Sniper39[2-4]67.9%
* Tasaba Lizardman Sniper39[2-4]53.5%
Ant Guard35[1-3]49%
Talakin Raider27[1-3]47.7%
Giggling Wind28280.9%
* Langk Lizardman Leader25271.3%
* Dire Wolf24267.9%
Evil Eye Seer18251.2%
* Prowler17250.2%
Tracker Skeleton17249.2%
Corpse Candle17249.1%
* Akaste Succubus Turen21248.4%
Hook Spider16247.5%
Shadow Beast15246.3%
Skeleton Lord15238.6%
Ashen Wolf427.7%
Red Keltir223.6%
Young Red Keltir123.2%
Bearded Keltir123.2%
Gray Ant26173.7%
Bloody Bee23168.6%
Venomous Spider18155.7%
Wasp Worker35154.5%
* Dre Vanul20150.5%
* Pincer Spider17150.2%
* Lesser Succubus Turen21148.4%
Hunter Tarantula16147.5%
* Scavenger Spider15147.2%

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