Emergency Dressing

Emergency Dressing Emergency Dressing
Grade: none
A medical bandage that stops bleeding fast when severely injured.
Type potion Consume type stackable
Weight 20
Price 180
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Emergency Dressing (100%)Recipe: Emergency Dressing (100%)
Captain Dogun24122.5%
Abyss Flyer20118.3%
Lafi Lizardman Scout2818.1%
Dre Vanul Warrior3216.7%
* Ritmal Swordsman2916.5%
Dead Pit Horror2814.2%
Treasures of the Festival4112.5%
Treasures of the Festival4112.5%
Poison Araneid2511.6%

Bandit Watchman32[1-2]5%
Marsh Stakato Worker31162.2%
Amber Basilisk30158.5%
* Singing Wind29148%

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