Scroll of Escape: Castle

Scroll of Escape: Castle Scroll of Escape: Castle
Grade: none
A scroll that relocates you to your castle. If you don't have a castle, it will relocate you to the nearest village.
Type scroll Consume type stackable
Weight 120
Price 500
Material paper
Lilim Knight63114.8%
Nephilim Centurion63112.7%
* Tomb Sage67111.8%
* Hell Keeper Crimson Doll67111.7%
* Tomb Guardian65111%
* Purgatory Tarantula64110.4%
Bathin's Knight6218.6%
Elmoradan's Archer Escort6418.5%
Guardian Warrior of Elmoreden6418%
Mul's Knight6716.7%
Spiteful Soul Wizard6315.9%
Ghostly Warrior6213.3%
Nihil Invader6613%
Otherworldly Invader Food3011.4%

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