Crystal: A-Grade

Crystal: A-Grade Crystal: A-Grade
Grade: a
A crystal of A-Grade.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 0
Price 15000
Material paper

Used in Recipes:
x1Recipe: Soulshot: A-GradeRecipe: Soulshot: A-Grade
x1Recipe: Spiritshot ARecipe: Spiritshot A
x2Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot ARecipe: Blessed Spiritshot A
x44Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(60%)
x87Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare(100%)
x44Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(60%)
x87Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor(100%)
x53Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(60%)
x87Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(100%)
x53Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%)
x87Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(100%)
x12Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(60%)
x26Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(100%)
x11Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(100%)
x11Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(100%)
x11Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare(100%)
x11Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(60%)
x20Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets(100%)
x61Recipe: Sealed Armor of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Armor of Nightmare(60%)
x104Recipe: Sealed Armor of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Armor of Nightmare(100%)
x61Recipe: Sealed Majestic Plate Armor(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Plate Armor(60%)
x104Recipe: Sealed Majestic Plate Armor(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Plate Armor(100%)
x15Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(60%)
x27Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(100%)
x15Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (60%)
x27Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (100%)
x195Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%)Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%)
x369Recipe: Dragon Slayer(100%)Recipe: Dragon Slayer(100%)
x194Recipe: Elysian(60%)Recipe: Elysian(60%)
x370Recipe: Elysian(100%)Recipe: Elysian(100%)
x197Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)
x369Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)
x161Recipe: Soul Separator(60%)Recipe: Soul Separator(60%)
x295Recipe: Soul Separator(100%)Recipe: Soul Separator(100%)
x194Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)
x370Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)
x193Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)
x366Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)
x193Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(60%)Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(60%)
x366Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)
x161Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%)Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%)
x295Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(100%)Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(100%)
x152Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%)Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%)
x372Recipe: Sword of Miracles(100%)Recipe: Sword of Miracles(100%)
x15Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(70%)
x24Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(100%)
x17Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%)
x34Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(100%)
x12Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(70%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(70%)
x15Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(100%)
x194Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (60%)Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (60%)
x370Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (100%)Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (100%)
x193Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)
x366Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)Recipe: Doom Crusher (100%)
x254Recipe: Sirra's Blade (60%)Recipe: Sirra's Blade (60%)
x480Recipe: Sirra's Blade (100%)Recipe: Sirra's Blade (100%)
x254Recipe: Sword of Ipos (60%)Recipe: Sword of Ipos (60%)
x480Recipe: Sword of Ipos (100%)Recipe: Sword of Ipos (100%)
x254Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (60%)Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (60%)
x480Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (100%)Recipe: Barakiel's Axe (100%)
x254Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (60%)Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (60%)
x480Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (100%)Recipe: Behemoth's Tuning Fork (100%)
x254Recipe: Naga Storm (60%)Recipe: Naga Storm (60%)
x480Recipe: Naga Storm (100%)Recipe: Naga Storm (100%)
x254Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (60%)Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (60%)
x480Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (100%)Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (100%)
x254Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (60%)Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (60%)
x480Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (100%)Recipe: Shyeed's Bow (100%)
x254Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (60%)Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (60%)
x480Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (100%)Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (100%)
x254Recipe: Themis' Tongue (60%)Recipe: Themis' Tongue (60%)
x480Recipe: Themis' Tongue (100%)Recipe: Themis' Tongue (100%)
x254Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (60%)Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (60%)
x480Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (100%)Recipe: Cabrio's Hand (100%)
x254Recipe: Daimon Crystal (60%)Recipe: Daimon Crystal (60%)
x480Recipe: Daimon Crystal (100%)Recipe: Daimon Crystal (100%)

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