Crystal: C-Grade

Crystal: C-Grade Crystal: C-Grade
Grade: c
A crystal of C-Grade.
Type none Consume type stackable
Weight 0
Price 3000
Material paper

Used in Recipes:
x2Recipe: Soulshot: C-GradeRecipe: Soulshot: C-Grade
x14Recipe: Earring of ProtectionRecipe: Earring of Protection
x10Recipe: Ring of ProtectionRecipe: Ring of Protection
x16Recipe: Necklace of ProtectionRecipe: Necklace of Protection
x22Recipe: Earrings of Binding (100%)Recipe: Earrings of Binding (100%)
x12Recipe: Ring of AgesRecipe: Ring of Ages
x26Recipe: Necklace of MermaidRecipe: Necklace of Mermaid
x38Recipe: Necklace of BindingRecipe: Necklace of Binding
x28Recipe: Nassen's EarringRecipe: Nassen's Earring
x14Recipe: Steel Plate HelmetRecipe: Steel Plate Helmet
x30Recipe: Plated Leather ArmorRecipe: Plated Leather Armor
x18Recipe: Plated Leather GaitersRecipe: Plated Leather Gaiters
x42Recipe: Dwarven Chain Mail ShirtRecipe: Dwarven Chain Mail Shirt
x25Recipe: Dwarven Chain GaitersRecipe: Dwarven Chain Gaiters
x50Recipe: Robe of SealRecipe: Robe of Seal
x16Recipe: Great HelmetRecipe: Great Helmet
x12Recipe: Knight's ShieldRecipe: Knight's Shield
x12Recipe: Pa'agrian HandRecipe: Pa'agrian Hand
x12Recipe: Crimson BootsRecipe: Crimson Boots
x32Recipe: Rind Leather ArmorRecipe: Rind Leather Armor
x20Recipe: Rind Leather GaitersRecipe: Rind Leather Gaiters
x95Recipe: Composite ArmorRecipe: Composite Armor
x17Recipe: Tower ShieldRecipe: Tower Shield
x50Recipe: Demon's TunicRecipe: Demon's Tunic
x30Recipe: Demon's StockingsRecipe: Demon's Stockings
x16Recipe: Mithril GauntletsRecipe: Mithril Gauntlets
x16Recipe: Forgotten BootsRecipe: Forgotten Boots
x25Recipe: Shining CircletRecipe: Shining Circlet
x55Recipe: Theca Leather ArmorRecipe: Theca Leather Armor
x35Recipe: Theca Leather GaitersRecipe: Theca Leather Gaiters
x140Recipe: Full Plate ArmorRecipe: Full Plate Armor
x100Recipe: Drake Leather ArmorRecipe: Drake Leather Armor
x72Recipe: Divine TunicRecipe: Divine Tunic
x45Recipe: Divine StockingsRecipe: Divine Stockings
x36Recipe: Mithril HelmetRecipe: Mithril Helmet
x36Recipe: Cap of ManaRecipe: Cap of Mana
x36Recipe: Paradia HoodRecipe: Paradia Hood
x36Recipe: Hood of Solar EclipseRecipe: Hood of Solar Eclipse
x36Recipe: Hood of SummoningRecipe: Hood of Summoning
x36Recipe: Elemental HoodRecipe: Elemental Hood
x36Recipe: Hood of GraceRecipe: Hood of Grace
x36Recipe: Phoenix HoodRecipe: Phoenix Hood
x36Recipe: Hood of AidRecipe: Hood of Aid
x36Recipe: Flame HelmRecipe: Flame Helm
x310Recipe: Pata (60%)Recipe: Pata (60%)
x36Recipe: Helm of AvadonRecipe: Helm of Avadon
x36Recipe: Helmet of PledgeRecipe: Helmet of Pledge
x24Recipe: Gauntlets of GhostRecipe: Gauntlets of Ghost
x24Recipe: Adamantite BootsRecipe: Adamantite Boots
x180Recipe: ShamshirRecipe: Shamshir
x180Recipe: KatanaRecipe: Katana
x170Recipe: Bec de CorbinRecipe: Bec de Corbin
x180Recipe: Spirit SwordRecipe: Spirit Sword
x180Recipe: Raid SwordRecipe: Raid Sword
x180Recipe: Cursed StaffRecipe: Cursed Staff
x180Recipe: StilettoRecipe: Stiletto
x180Recipe: Soulfire DirkRecipe: Soulfire Dirk
x170Recipe: Elemental BowRecipe: Elemental Bow
x170Recipe: Elven Bow of NobilityRecipe: Elven Bow of Nobility
x180Recipe: Tears of FairyRecipe: Tears of Fairy
x180Recipe: Horn of GloryRecipe: Horn of Glory
x300Recipe: CalibursRecipe: Caliburs
x300Recipe: Sword of DelusionRecipe: Sword of Delusion
x300Recipe: TsurugiRecipe: Tsurugi
x300Recipe: Homunkulus's SwordRecipe: Homunkulus's Sword
x300Recipe: PoleaxeRecipe: Poleaxe
x300Recipe: Sword of LimitRecipe: Sword of Limit
x300Recipe: Sword of NightmareRecipe: Sword of Nightmare
x300Recipe: Sword of Whispering DeathRecipe: Sword of Whispering Death
x300Recipe: War AxeRecipe: War Axe
x300Recipe: Nirvana AxeRecipe: Nirvana Axe
x300Recipe: Stick of EternityRecipe: Stick of Eternity
x300Recipe: Paradia StaffRecipe: Paradia Staff
x300Recipe: Inferno StaffRecipe: Inferno Staff
x300Recipe: Pa'agrian HammerRecipe: Pa'agrian Hammer
x300Recipe: Sage's StaffRecipe: Sage's Staff
x300Recipe: Club of NatureRecipe: Club of Nature
x300Recipe: Mace of the UnderworldRecipe: Mace of the Underworld
x300Recipe: Grace DaggerRecipe: Grace Dagger
x300Recipe: Dark ScreamerRecipe: Dark Screamer
x300Recipe: Fisted BladeRecipe: Fisted Blade
x290Recipe: Akat Long BowRecipe: Akat Long Bow
x300Recipe: Heathen's BookRecipe: Heathen's Book
x300Recipe: Hex DollRecipe: Hex Doll
x330Recipe: Pa'agrian AxeRecipe: Pa'agrian Axe
x330Recipe: ScorpionRecipe: Scorpion
x330Recipe: Widow MakerRecipe: Widow Maker
x410Recipe: Samurai LongswordRecipe: Samurai Longsword
x410Recipe: Deadman's StaffRecipe: Deadman's Staff
x410Recipe: Ghoul's StaffRecipe: Ghoul's Staff
x410Recipe: Demon's StaffRecipe: Demon's Staff
x410Recipe: Crystal DaggerRecipe: Crystal Dagger
x410Recipe: Great PataRecipe: Great Pata
x420Recipe: Eminence BowRecipe: Eminence Bow
x420Recipe: Orcish PoleaxeRecipe: Orcish Poleaxe
x410Recipe: Candle of WisdomRecipe: Candle of Wisdom
x410Recipe: Blessed BranchRecipe: Blessed Branch
x410Recipe: Phoenix FeatherRecipe: Phoenix Feather
x410Recipe: Cerberus EyeRecipe: Cerberus Eye
x410Recipe: Scroll of DestructionRecipe: Scroll of Destruction
x410Recipe: Claws of Black DragonRecipe: Claws of Black Dragon
x410Recipe: Three Eyed Crow's FeatherRecipe: Three Eyed Crow's Feather
x20Recipe: Ring of BindingRecipe: Ring of Binding
x10Recipe: Plated Leather GlovesRecipe: Plated Leather Gloves
x12Recipe: Dwarven Chain ShieldRecipe: Dwarven Chain Shield
x12Recipe: Rind Leather BootsRecipe: Rind Leather Boots
x12Recipe: Dwarven Chain GlovesRecipe: Dwarven Chain Gloves
x12Recipe: Gloves of SealRecipe: Gloves of Seal
x12Recipe: Rind Leather GlovesRecipe: Rind Leather Gloves
x16Recipe: Demon's BootsRecipe: Demon's Boots
x16Recipe: Demon's GlovesRecipe: Demon's Gloves
x20Recipe: Theca Leather BootsRecipe: Theca Leather Boots
x20Recipe: Theca Leather GlovesRecipe: Theca Leather Gloves
x16Recipe: Composite BootsRecipe: Composite Boots
x25Recipe: Composite HelmetRecipe: Composite Helmet
x24Recipe: Divine BootsRecipe: Divine Boots
x36Recipe: Full Plate HelmetRecipe: Full Plate Helmet
x24Recipe: Drake Leather BootsRecipe: Drake Leather Boots
x24Recipe: Full Plate BootsRecipe: Full Plate Boots
x24Recipe: Drake Leather GlovesRecipe: Drake Leather Gloves
x24Recipe: Full Plate GauntletsRecipe: Full Plate Gauntlets
x24Recipe: Divine GlovesRecipe: Divine Gloves
x24Recipe: Blessed GlovesRecipe: Blessed Gloves
x25Recipe: Full Plate ShieldRecipe: Full Plate Shield
x180Recipe: Dwarven War HammerRecipe: Dwarven War Hammer
x410Recipe: Yaksa MaceRecipe: Yaksa Mace
x1Recipe: Spiritshot CRecipe: Spiritshot C
x2Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot CRecipe: Blessed Spiritshot C
x28Recipe: Adamantite Earrings (70%)Recipe: Adamantite Earrings (70%)
x35Recipe: Adamantite EarringsRecipe: Adamantite Earrings
x22Recipe: Adamantite Ring (70%)Recipe: Adamantite Ring (70%)
x32Recipe: Adamantite RingRecipe: Adamantite Ring
x34Recipe: Adamantite Necklace (70%)Recipe: Adamantite Necklace (70%)
x58Recipe: Adamantite NecklaceRecipe: Adamantite Necklace
x17Recipe: Composite ShieldRecipe: Composite Shield
x82Recipe: Zubei's Breastplate (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Breastplate (60%)
x129Recipe: Zubei's BreastplateRecipe: Zubei's Breastplate
x45Recipe: Zubei's Gaiters (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Gaiters (60%)
x72Recipe: Zubei's GaitersRecipe: Zubei's Gaiters
x25Recipe: Boots of Silence (60%)Recipe: Boots of Silence (60%)
x33Recipe: Boots of SilenceRecipe: Boots of Silence
x25Recipe: Guardian's Boots (60%)Recipe: Guardian's Boots (60%)
x33Recipe: Guardian's BootsRecipe: Guardian's Boots
x82Recipe: Avadon Breastplate (60%)Recipe: Avadon Breastplate (60%)
x129Recipe: Avadon BreastplateRecipe: Avadon Breastplate
x45Recipe: Avadon Gaiters (60%)Recipe: Avadon Gaiters (60%)
x72Recipe: Avadon GaitersRecipe: Avadon Gaiters
x65Recipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt (60%)
x118Recipe: Zubei's Leather ShirtRecipe: Zubei's Leather Shirt
x34Recipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters (60%)
x70Recipe: Zubei's Leather GaitersRecipe: Zubei's Leather Gaiters
x95Recipe: Avadon Leather Armor (60%)Recipe: Avadon Leather Armor (60%)
x161Recipe: Avadon Leather ArmorRecipe: Avadon Leather Armor
x65Recipe: Tunic of Zubei (60%)Recipe: Tunic of Zubei (60%)
x118Recipe: Tunic of ZubeiRecipe: Tunic of Zubei
x34Recipe: Stockings of Zubei (60%)Recipe: Stockings of Zubei (60%)
x70Recipe: Stockings of ZubeiRecipe: Stockings of Zubei
x95Recipe: Avadon Robe (60%)Recipe: Avadon Robe (60%)
x161Recipe: Avadon RobeRecipe: Avadon Robe
x30Recipe: Avadon Circlet (60%)Recipe: Avadon Circlet (60%)
x41Recipe: Avadon CircletRecipe: Avadon Circlet
x25Recipe: Avadon Gloves (60%)Recipe: Avadon Gloves (60%)
x33Recipe: Avadon GlovesRecipe: Avadon Gloves
x25Recipe: Chain Gloves of Silence (60%)Recipe: Chain Gloves of Silence (60%)
x15Recipe: Chain Gloves of SilenceRecipe: Chain Gloves of Silence
x25Recipe: Guardian's Gloves (60%)Recipe: Guardian's Gloves (60%)
x15Recipe: Guardian's GlovesRecipe: Guardian's Gloves
x25Recipe: Gloves of Blessing (60%)Recipe: Gloves of Blessing (60%)
x15Recipe: Gloves of BlessingRecipe: Gloves of Blessing
x25Recipe: Boots of Blessing (60%)Recipe: Boots of Blessing (60%)
x33Recipe: Boots of BlessingRecipe: Boots of Blessing
x25Recipe: Zubei's Boots (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Boots (60%)
x33Recipe: Zubei's BootsRecipe: Zubei's Boots
x25Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)
x33Recipe: Avadon BootsRecipe: Avadon Boots
x25Recipe: Zubei's Gauntlets (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Gauntlets (60%)
x33Recipe: Zubei's GauntletsRecipe: Zubei's Gauntlets
x25Recipe: Zubei's Shield (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Shield (60%)
x16Recipe: Zubei's Shield (100%)Recipe: Zubei's Shield (100%)
x30Recipe: Zubei's Helmet (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Helmet (60%)
x41Recipe: Zubei's HelmetRecipe: Zubei's Helmet
x310Recipe: Pata (60%)Recipe: Pata (60%)
x467Recipe: PataRecipe: Pata
x350Recipe: Great Sword (60%)Recipe: Great Sword (60%)
x317Recipe: Great SwordRecipe: Great Sword
x325Recipe: Heavy War Axe (60%)Recipe: Heavy War Axe (60%)
x498Recipe: Heavy War AxeRecipe: Heavy War Axe
x330Recipe: Sprite's Staff (60%)Recipe: Sprite's Staff (60%)
x491Recipe: Sprite's StaffRecipe: Sprite's Staff
x360Recipe: Keshanberk (60%)Recipe: Keshanberk (60%)
x517Recipe: KeshanberkRecipe: Keshanberk
x360Recipe: Sword of Valhalla (60%)Recipe: Sword of Valhalla (60%)
x517Recipe: Sword of ValhallaRecipe: Sword of Valhalla
x360Recipe: Kris (60%)Recipe: Kris (60%)
x517Recipe: KrisRecipe: Kris
x360Recipe: Hell Knife (60%)Recipe: Hell Knife (60%)
x517Recipe: Hell KnifeRecipe: Hell Knife
x325Recipe: Arthro Nail (60%)Recipe: Arthro Nail (60%)
x498Recipe: Arthro NailRecipe: Arthro Nail
x350Recipe: Dark Elven Long Bow (60%)Recipe: Dark Elven Long Bow (60%)
x534Recipe: Dark Elven Long BowRecipe: Dark Elven Long Bow
x360Recipe: Great Axe (60%)Recipe: Great Axe (60%)
x353Recipe: Great AxeRecipe: Great Axe
x8Recipe: Avadon Shield (60%)Recipe: Avadon Shield (60%)
x16Recipe: Avadon ShieldRecipe: Avadon Shield
x200Recipe: Knuckle DusterRecipe: Knuckle Duster
x375Recipe: Berserker Blade(100%)Recipe: Berserker Blade(100%)
x300Recipe: Pa'agrian Sword (100%)Recipe: Pa'agrian Sword (100%)
x300Recipe: Karik Horn (100%)Recipe: Karik Horn (100%)
x410Recipe: Ecliptic Sword (100%)Recipe: Ecliptic Sword (100%)
x410Recipe: Ecliptic Axe (100%)Recipe: Ecliptic Axe (100%)
x325Recipe: Spell Breaker (60%)Recipe: Spell Breaker (60%)
x499Recipe: Spell Breaker (100%)Recipe: Spell Breaker (100%)
x360Recipe: Ice Storm Hammer (60%)Recipe: Ice Storm Hammer (60%)
x353Recipe: Ice Storm Hammer (100%)Recipe: Ice Storm Hammer (100%)
x420Recipe: Dwarven Hammer (100%)Recipe: Dwarven Hammer (100%)

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