Iron Arrow

Iron Arrow Iron Arrow
Grade: c
A powerful arrow made of steel. It is used as an arrow for a C-Grade bow.
Type arrow Consume type stackable
Weight 4
Price 5
Material fine_steel

x600Recipe: Steel ArrowRecipe: Steel Arrow
Kastor's Prefect61[60-180]36.7%
Ishka's Elite Soldier59[60-180]34.2%
Karum's Warrior59[60-180]34.2%
Support of the 3rd Guardian59[60-180]34.2%
Arak's Footman59[60-180]34.2%
Greater Musveren49[40-120]10.6%
* Bloodthirsty Ginzu Golem II52[30-90]12.5%
* Sepulcher Inquisitor52[30-90]10.6%
Soulless Bear58[20-60]98.8%
Ragoth's Herald56[20-60]91.8%
Timiniel's Royal Guard Captain60[20-60]88.3%
Leo's Steward55[20-60]88.3%
Garangky Guard Shaman55[20-60]88.3%
Kabed's Archer54[20-60]85%
Servitor of Black Lily54[20-60]85%
Ruell's Unicorn54[20-60]85%
Spirit of Niniel54[20-60]85%
Follower of Thieles54[20-60]85%
Barda's Shaman54[20-60]85%
Isirr's Guards54[20-60]85%
Tamash's Servant54[20-60]85%
Sephia's Salve54[20-60]85%
Ririf the Unicorn53[20-60]81.8%
Phantom of Kenishee52[20-60]78.6%
Atraiban's Disciple52[20-60]78.6%
Shaka's Follower51[20-60]75.5%
Fafurion's Envoy51[20-60]75.5%
Ereve's Squire50[20-60]72.5%
Tillion's Bat49[20-60]69.5%
Clara's Pawn49[20-60]69.5%
Ghost of Peasant49[20-60]69.5%
Berun's Prattler49[20-60]69.5%
Gato's Troop Leader49[20-60]69.5%
Evil Spirit of Stigma49[20-60]69.5%
Karte's Chief Knight48[20-60]66.6%
Shards of Oblivion48[20-60]66.6%
Katu Van Marksman48[20-60]66.6%
Shards of Oblivion48[20-60]66.6%
Trisalim Escort47[20-60]63.8%
Necrosentinel Archer46[20-60]61.2%
Dark Mage's of Barion46[20-60]61.2%
Kusion Suscepter44[20-60]55.9%
Karuta's Follower44[20-60]55.9%
Biconne's Shooter44[20-60]55.9%
Alligator of Istary44[20-60]55.9%
Evil Creature of Forest44[20-60]55.9%
Totem Guard Archer44[20-60]55.9%
* Decayed Ancient Soldier49[20-60]17.7%
* Dark Lord50[10-30]25.8%
Theeder Mage49[10-30]23.2%
Cave Servant Archer47[10-30]15%
Tarlk Bugbear High Warrior49[10-30]13.4%
Taik Orc Archer41[10-30]12.9%
* Horrifying Excavator Golem III51[10-30]12.5%
Purgatory Invader Food50[10-30]10.9%
Rotting tree43[10-30]10.9%
Tarlk Basilisk50[10-30]10.8%
Spore Zombie47[10-30]10.7%
* Harit Lizardman Archer52[10-30]10.4%
* Menacing Jackhammer Golem47[10-30]1.7%
* Horrifying Jackhammer Golem52[10-30]1.1%

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