Bone Arrow

Bone Arrow Bone Arrow
Grade: d
An arrow made from a piece of sharpened bone. It is used as an arrow for a D-Grade bow.
Type arrow Consume type stackable
Weight 5
Price 3
Material bone

x650Recipe: Bone ArrowRecipe: Bone Arrow
Barrow Overlord40[60-180]16%
Lith Patrolman39[60-180]13.9%
Fighter of Sea of Spores43[20-60]89.1%
Elemental of Flame43[20-60]89.1%
Kelbar's Inferior43[20-60]89.1%
Timak Orc Ranger43[20-60]89.1%
Panathen's Protectors42[20-60]84.9%
Cletu's Pawn41[20-60]81.1%
Ateka's Shaman39[20-60]73.6%
Road Scavenger Henchman39[20-60]73.6%
Icarus Sample 239[20-60]73.6%
Sika's Wizard39[20-60]73.6%
Talkin's Seer39[20-60]73.6%
Teruk's Escort39[20-60]73.6%
Guardian of Gildor39[20-60]73.6%
Fanatic Shaman39[20-60]73.6%
Follower of Gwindorr39[20-60]73.6%
Cat Gang38[20-60]69.9%
Hellion's Archers37[20-60]66.4%
Sebek's Priest35[20-60]59.7%
Ghost of the Execution Grounds35[20-60]59.7%
Nakondas' Slave39[20-60]56.5%
Soul Slasher34[20-60]56.5%
Sirocco's Gargoyle34[20-60]56.5%
Remmel's Archer34[20-60]56.5%
Claws of Shadar34[20-60]56.5%
Red Eye Archer34[20-60]56.5%
Hellena's Marksman34[20-60]56.5%
Apprentice of Watchman34[20-60]56.5%
Pastu's Shadow33[20-60]53.6%
Jeruna's Guard33[20-60]53.6%
Mumu's Warrior33[20-60]53.6%
Kylon's Mate32[20-60]50.5%
Gharmash's Pet Trimden32[20-60]50.5%
* Grave Sentinel35[20-60]23.4%
Otherworldly Invader Discipline33[20-60]18.8%
* Leto Lizardman Overlord40[20-60]17.8%
* Ol Mahum Lord34[20-60]17.3%
Cave Ant Larva36[20-60]12.3%
Follower of Skyla31[10-30]95.5%
Marsh Stakato Noble31[10-30]95.5%
Turek Mercenary Warrior29[10-30]85.9%
Meana's Guard Doll29[10-30]85.9%
Cat's Eye Bandit29[10-30]85.9%
Renoa's Hog28[10-30]82.1%
Tirak's Knight27[10-30]78.1%
Yellow Hornet25[10-30]71%
* Otherworldly Invader Magus35[10-30]34.2%
* Nos40[10-30]31.7%
* Breka Orc Overlord35[10-30]27.9%
* Noble Ant Leader38[10-30]25.8%
* Turak Bugbear Warrior33[10-30]25.4%
Sentinel Of Water31[10-30]16.6%
* Tyrant Kingpin36[10-30]16%
Dimension Invader Elite Soldier40[10-30]15.6%
* Talakin30[10-30]15.2%
* Crokian36[10-30]14.6%
* Cursed Seer34[10-30]14.4%
Bandit Undertaker34[10-30]14.3%
Leto Lizardman Shaman39[10-30]13.9%
* Ogre38[10-30]12.7%
* Ogre38[10-30]12.5%
Ant Patrol34[10-30]12.2%
Greedy Geist30[10-30]11.6%
* Lienrik Lad40[10-30]11.4%
* Hangman Tree35[10-30]10.6%
Sorrow Maiden27[10-30]10.2%
* Lienrik Lad40[10-30]7.6%
Tasaba Lizardman Shaman37[10-30]5.6%
* Ghost of a Morek Chief33[10-29]20%

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