Lesser Healing Potion

Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion
Grade: none
A magical potion that slowly restores HP. Low endurance.
Type potion Consume type stackable
Weight 5
Price 90
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Lesser Healing Potion (100%)Recipe: Lesser Healing Potion (100%)
Evil Spirit Archer24145.1%
Pawn of Kutus22140.9%
Priest Zombie of Farakelsus19135.4%
Redeye Bat1517.6%
Red Bear1417.3%
Hatu Crimson Bear3817.2%
* Orc Fighter1016%
Evil Eye1015.9%
* Tunath Orc Warrior1215.8%
Treasures of the Festival3015%
Treasures of the Festival3015%
Maille Lizardman Scout2214.8%
Mountain Fungus914.5%
Maille Lizardman Warrior2614.1%
Giant Araneid2414.1%
Hatu Dire Wolf3214%
Goblin Raider512.6%
Goblin Lookout812.3%
Gray Wolf412.2%
Elder Red Keltir311.6%
Dominant Grey Keltir311.4%
Longtail Keltir211%
Young Red Keltir111/109

Rakeclaw Imp6217.3%
Kuruka Ratman16144%
* Quicksilver Beast15143.3%
* Werewolf Hunter10140.4%
* Balor Orc Fighter10140.4%
Goblin Thief10139.6%
Spore Fungus9133.1%
Garum Werewolf9133.1%
Evil Eye Watcher10133%
Utuku Orc Archer8128.5%
Orc Archer8128.5%
Balor Orc Archer8128.5%
Green Dryad8127.7%
Imp Elder7121.6%
Kaboo Orc Grunt7121.6%
Kasha Timber Wolf6117.1%
Black Timber Wolf6117.1%
Mountain Werewolf Chief10110.1%
Mountain Werewolf713.6%

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