Enchanted Necklace

Enchanted Necklace Enchanted Necklace
Grade: d

Type none Equip neck
Weight 150 Durability
Crystals 103 Price 56800
Material silver
Physical Defense 0 Magical Defense 36
MP bonus 0
Kuroboros' Priest23130.8%
Serpent Demon Bifrons21130.1%
* Grave Keeper Spartoi2911/1645
Ghost of a Loyal Vassal3111/2445
Otherworldly Invader Priest3011/2525
Ant Overseer3211/2591
Ol Mahum Van Archer3211/3236
* Harpy3211/4132
* Stinger Wasp3011/4219
Ant Larva2911/5348

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