Heavy War Axe

Heavy War Axe Heavy War Axe
Grade: b
Bestows either Anger, Health, or Rsk. Focus.
Type blunt Equip Right-Handed
Weight 1620 Durability
Crystals 1157 Price 8680000
Material fine_steel

Physical Attack 175(20) Magic Attack 91
soulshots x1 spiritshots x1
Critical 4 MP consume 0
Atk. Speed 379 Hit modify 4.00000

Carnage Lord Gato5011/105
Sorcerer Isirr5511/112
Eva's Spirit Niniel5511/142
Grave Robber Kim5211/144
Sepulcher Guardian6011/111111
Ice Tarantula5711/125000
* Seer of Hallate6011/142857
Forbidden Path Invader Priest6011/166667
Frost Tarantula5811/200000
Doom Guard6111/250000
* Ancient Gargoyle5611/250000

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