Sealed Majestic Ring

Sealed Majestic Ring Sealed Majestic Ring
Grade: a
The seal can be broken with the help of the Blacksmith of Mammon. When the seal is broken, the effects of M. Def.+2 and MP+17 are given.
Type none Equip rfinger,lfinger
Weight 150 Durability
Crystals 104 Price 1300000
Material silver
Physical Defense 0 Magical Defense 40
MP bonus 0
Water Dragon Seer Sheshark72111.1%
Icicle Emperor Bumbalump7419.3%
Beast Lord Behemoth7017.3%
Spirit of Andras, the Betrayer6914.7%
* Ashuras of Destruction7811/6369
Solina Brother7811/7194
* Beholder of Light7811/7194
* Spiked Stakato Nurse7911/9009
Guardian Scarab7811/10101
* Arimanes of Destruction7811/10204
Ritual Sacrifice7811/11364
Ritual Offering7811/11364
* Triol's Priest7811/11364
* Triol's Believer7811/11364
* Triol's Believer7811/11364
Guardian Scarab7811/12346
* Guardian Spirit of Ancient Holy Ground7911/13158
* Messenger Invader Shaman8011/13158
* Ketra Orc Seer7811/13514
* Messenger Invader Magus8011/15385
Messenger Invader Food8011/40000

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