Sealed Phoenix Ring

Sealed Phoenix Ring Sealed Phoenix Ring
Grade: a
The seal can be broken with the help of the Blacksmith of Mammon. When the seal is broken, the effects of M. Def.+2 and MP+13 are given.
Type none Equip rfinger,lfinger
Weight 150 Durability
Crystals 69 Price 871000
Material gold
Physical Defense 0 Magical Defense 38
MP bonus 0
Demon's Agent Falston66[6-18]2.5%
Roaring Lord Kastor62110.4%
Hekaton Prime6519.6%
* Tomb Guard7511/9901
* Lesser Ancient Soldier7311/10753
* Sepulcher Preacher7211/11364
* Dark Omen Invader Shaman7311/11628
Bound Archer7211/13333
Amon's Spirits7411/14286
Valac's Guardian Spirit6911/18182
* Hames Orc Overlord7511/20000
* Conjurer Bat Lord7211/24390
* Forgotten Ancient People7711/29412
Hames Orc Scout6811/31250
Past Creature7611/31250
Chimera Piece7211/35714

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