Mithril Gloves

Mithril Gloves Mithril Gloves
Grade: d

Type none Equip gloves
Weight 630 Durability
Crystals 177 Price 97800
Material mithril
Physical Defense 29 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 0
Soul Collector Acheron3518.7%
Evil Spirit Tempest3616.9%
Nurka's Messenger3316.8%
Dimension Invader Magus4311/2611
* Dimension Invader Warrior4311/5780
* Zaken's Pikeman4311/6849
* Zaken's Pikeman4311/9615
Taik Orc Archer4111/11236
* Kronbe Spider4311/13158
* Zaken's Pikeman4311/13158
Tanor Silenos Grunt4211/15873

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