Sealed Nightmare Robe

Sealed Nightmare Robe Sealed Nightmare Robe
Grade: a
Sealed Nightmare Robe. Its seal can be broken with the help of the Blacksmith of Mammon.
Type magic Equip fullarmor
Weight 2300 Durability
Crystals 618 Price 7730000
Material leather
Physical Defense 147 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 718
Bloody Priest Rudelto6912.1%
Krokian Padisha Sobekk7411.9%
Palibati Queen Themis7011.8%
Immortal Savior Mardil7111/133
* Spiked Stakato Shaman8011/15152
Pilgrim of Light7811/22727
* Magma Golem7811/35714
Tera Beetle7811/37037
* Varka's Prophet7811/40000
Tera Beetle7811/50000
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/52632
* Messenger Invader Archer8011/55556
Varka's Head Guard7811/58824
* Messenger Invader Soldier8011/62500
* Varka Silenos Officer7811/62500
Varka's Elite Guard7811/62500
* Grazing Elder Buffalo7811/66667

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