Sealed Majestic Plate Armor

Sealed Majestic Plate Armor Sealed Majestic Plate Armor
Grade: a
Sealed Majestic Plate Armor. Its seal can be broken with the help of the Blacksmith of Mammon.
Type heavy Equip fullarmor
Weight 9200 Durability
Crystals 824 Price 10300000
Material leather
Physical Defense 293 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 0
Antharas Priest Cloe7411.8%
Eilhalder von Hellmann7111.7%
Fafurion's Herald Lokness7011.6%
Ritual Sacrifice7811/11364
Silent Seeker7811/22727
Jamadar Beetle7911/33333
* Knight of Destruction7811/43478
* Lavastone Golem7811/50000
* Ketra Prophet7811/52632
* Arimanes of Destruction8011/52632
* Tepra Scorpion7811/55556
* Messenger Invader Soldier8011/58824
* Varka Silenos General7811/76923
Messenger Invader Martyrs8011/90909
* Varka Silenos Magus7811/100000

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