Sealed Dark Crystal Robe

Sealed Dark Crystal Robe Sealed Dark Crystal Robe
Grade: a
Sealed Dark Crystal Robe. Its seal can be broken with the help of the Blacksmith of Mammon.
Type magic Equip fullarmor
Weight 2450 Durability
Crystals 406 Price 5080000
Material leather
Physical Defense 139 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 665
Fierce Tiger King Angel6515.1%
Shilen's Priest Hisilrome6511/136
* Bloody Lord7511/43478
Lilim Slayer7511/47619
Lilim Great Mystic7811/52632
* Platinum Tribe Shaman7011/52632
* Limal Karinness6911/55556
* Purgatory Liviona7111/66667
* Crypt Preacher7211/66667
* Purgatory Gargoyle6811/71429
Bound Warrior7211/76923
Amon's Captain of the Guards7411/83333
Valac's Creature6911/90909
Hames Orc Shaman7411/166667
* Dark Guard7011/200000

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