Karmian Tunic

Karmian Tunic Karmian Tunic
Grade: c
-1 a,439,471,2454
Type magic Equip chest
Weight 1980 Durability
Crystals 151 Price 379000
Material cloth
Physical Defense 60 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 225
Fafurion's Page Sika4018.3%
Leader of Cat Gang3918.1%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4511/6410
* Nos Lad4511/7042
Farhite Lad4411/8696
* Zaken's Watchman4511/10309
* Archer of Greed4611/12048
* Zaken's Watchman4511/14493
* Weird Drake4511/16129
* Zaken's Seer4511/19608

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